POCIA - Regional Providers (by area code)
Providers of Commercial Internet Access

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POCIA has been available since August 1994 and has been growing at the rate of about a dozen providers each week. It averages thousands of hits per day and is featured in the major Internet search engines, such as Yahoo!, Lycos, and Alta Vista. It's also been mentioned in newspapers, magazines, and several Internet-related books, such as Adam Engst's Internet Starter Kit and Webmaster's Guide to Internet Server Connectivity by Salvail, Besler, and Mallais.

If you have a product or service that might cater to people actively looking for Internet providers, here is your opportunity to get their attention! POCIA is broken up into hundreds of different pages, and sponsorship space is available on almost all of the pages. If you have a regional product or service, the area-code and country-specific pages are ideal.

All sponsorship spots in the POCIA directory are uniform in size (350 pixels wide by 75 pixels tall) and may be accompanied by alternate text (the text which appears if a person's web browser does not load graphic images). Spots can be configured to take browsers directly to your web site, or to a page on your web site. There will only be one spot per page, and it will be at the very top of the page.

Here are our current sponsorship rates:

Sponsorship is payable in advance (check, VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover). You sponsorship banner will go up once we receive the graphic along with payment. If paying by credit card, we will charge the sponsorship cost to your card every month. Otherwise, payment is due every month. Naturally, you may choose to cancel your sponsorship at any time.

All sponsorship funds collected will go directly to offset the cost of maintaining the POCIA web site.

If you would like to sponsor POCIA, please email us your banner. You may send a check for the first month's sponsorship to our address below, or you may email, fax or mail your credit card information to us (card #, expiration date, billing zip code).

For more information on sponsorship, please contact webmaster@celestin.com