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Welcome to my view on things of this world. This is where I get to write what I want, when I want, about things that interest me. Expect me to ramble from topic to topic, because that's what I'm going to do. If you like what you see, feel free to bookmark this site. I'll try my best to keep it fresh and updated frequently.

Thursday 30 December 2010 - St. Maarten Sailing Yacht Charters <--click for more

st. maarten sailing yacht charters

I'm not a big time fish lover. I do like to eat it every once in a while, and I've been fishing in my lifetime, but it's never been quite a thrilling experience. I've had friends who have gone fishing on those excursions where you are in beautiful surroundings and the weather is nice, and they tell me you can have a really great time. I'm all for that. Which is why I might try it again one of these days. Excursion St. Maarten anyone? What could possibly be wrong with this picture? You've got beautiful turquoise water, you're in the Caribbean, the weather is simply perfect, and the fish are actually biting. What more could you ask for? St. Maarten Sailing Yacht Charters is definitely worth looking at, if you want to try your own hand at fishing in paradise. Sounds good to me!

Tuesday 28 December 2010 - Emergency Preparedness Info <--click for more

emergency preparedness info

There's been a lot of storms lately around my neck of the woods. And I know that parts of the country are suffering some extreme weather conditions. Many people had to sleep at airports during Christmas because flights were cancelled. And a lot of people were stuck in their homes because the snowfall was too heavy. What do you do in situations like this? You make sure you have supplies. Enough water is important as that is what you're going to need before food. And blankets are important if the power goes out. It's really a daunting task trying to figure out exactly what else you might need, which is where a website like comes in. Not only do you get lots of info on how to deal with particular situations, they are a one stop shop for all your emergency needs, such as survival kits, flashlights, candles, cooking equipment, and more. Depending on where you live in the country, you never know when a hurricane, earthquake, blackout, or other emergency situation may arise. Actually, sometimes you do know, but there's nothing you can do about it but sit tight and wait it out. In cases like that, it's best to keep the Boy Scout's motto in mind and be prepared.

Tuesday 28 December 2010 - Costa Rica Marketing <--click for more

costa rica marketing

A friend of mine spent his honeymoon in Costa Rica. When I asked him how it was there, he said he loved it and can't wait to go back. It's been about 3 years since he visited the place, but he can't stop thinking about it. Wondering what the allure was, I did a bit of research and came to the conclusion that he might actually have a point. Along my googling adventures, I came across Don Halbert, a person not native to Costa Rica, but someone who decided to make it home. He specializes in Costa Rica marketing and knows the place inside and out. If you are looking for someone who knows what he's doing with SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing), he's got all bases covered. Also, make sure you visit his wildly popular Costa Rica news website. If you want to know what's going on in Costa Rica, this news site is updated as news happens. And if you are looking to relocate, visit the Costa Rica property site.

Sunday 26 December 2010 - Pavement Engineering & Design <--click for more

pavement engineering & design

There is a lot of road work going on near my house. Most of it has to do with widening the freeway. We've got 4 lanes, and it looks like we'll soon have 5. I can see by the sheer amount of work that has been done that a lot of thought and effort has been put into the planning stages. And this thought brings me to a Pavement Engineering & Design firm in Austin, Texas called The Transtec Group. They do projects all around the globe, and chances are, you've probably been on a road or airport runway that they've designed, planned, or constructed. Their services include pavement evaluation, design, specifications, forensics, surface characteristics, value engineering, non-destructive evaluation, quality assurance, and pavement management. If your organization has any pavement needs whatsoever, this outfit is more than capable of handling your project. They've won global awards and can complete your project without breaking your budget.

Sunday 26 December 2010 - YouTube to MP3 <--click for more

youtube to mp3

Sometimes, there are videos on YouTube that I would like to have a copy of on my hard drive. I'm not always online, as I move around often, but there are some videos that I'd like in order to share with others. The old school way of dealing with this was to install an add-on in Firefox and download the videos. Now, there's a much easier way. If you have the link for the video, simply go to the YouTube to MP3 page and paste the YouTube link in. You'll get an option for the quality level and then your download will start. How cool is that? If you'd still like to use a Firefox add-on, you have that option, but you can also just stick with the converter options on their website. Nice and simple. If only more of the world were like that...

Wednesday 23 December 2010 - Zebra Tickets <--click for more

zebra tickets

Need concert or sporting event tickets? Check out Zebra Tickets. They've got hundreds of tickets available for events all over the United States. You can search by category or location. Need tickets to see Judy Garland in Concert? Yes, really. It's a show playing in San Diego on 21 January 2011. If you need tickets, don't waste your time at all the different ticket websites. Let Zebra Tickets scour all those sites for you, and bring you the best deals. Meke them your one-stop ticket shopping experience. Now, you have a friend in the ticketing business!

Wednesday 23 December 2010 - Silly Poetry <--click for more

I've run across a new poetry website called Silly Poetry. If you like limericks or playing with words in unusual ways, you might find this site amusing. I have a copy of John Lennon's book In His Own Write, which has a lot of clever lines written in a very fun way. So is it with this site. When I was younger, I used to have a grand time tinkering with word construction and trying to find innovative methods to connect ideas and phrases in unusual ways. My mind has since matured, and no longer takes as much pleasure in such fancy. However, every once in a while, I am overtaken by the desire to inspire. But my flame of inspiration usually falls short. Maybe if I venture to this site in such situations...

Wednesday 23 December 2010 - Rolex Watches <--click for more

rolex watches

Christmas is coming, and I still want a Rolex watch. I haven't gotten one yet, but if you'd like to get me one, I know the perfect place. There is a great selection of Rolex watches at Stein Diamonds. My favorite is the Submariner. I once called a jewelry store and asked them if they had one in stock. I really wanted it. Unfortunately, they did have it in stock, so I had to tell them that I was really just "window" shopping and wasn't ready to commit to a purchase. But, if about $8K all of a sudden hit my lap, wouldn't it be fun to get one!

Sunday 19 December 2010 - Las Vegas Web Design <--click for more

las vegas web design

If you live in Las Vegas and want a local web design company, check out Aliante Web Design. They are a Las Vegas Web Design firm that's been around since 2007. They offer complete Internet marketing services and can help you build your business with ideas you might not have even though about. They are one of the few businesses around that are truly customer-driven and will solve your problems in a personal and professional manner. If you are looking for SEO services, they are also a Las Vegas SEO shop, so you can have a local company help you to insure that your website ranks high on the search engines. Who would be better to help you optimize for the local market than a local company? Give them a try and see what they can do for you.

Sunday 19 December 2010 - Birthday Ecards <--click for more

birthday ecards

Almost everyone I know has received an e-card. This is partly due to the fact that I like to send them. They are quick, and give you much more of a choice than the standard cards you see on the rack in your local supermarket. But, after a while, your choices start to get a bit limited, especially if you send a lot of cards. What you need is an alternate to American Greetings and Blue Mountain and the other ecard companies. One such alternate I've recently found that has a great selection of birthday ecards is a website called They offer beautiful animated ecards with tasteful music, perfect for anyone you might want to send to. You won't find these cards anywhere else. They are beautifully illustrated by hand and will really make your recipient's day. They also offer cards for major holidays, so consider them the next time you need to send an ecard.

Sunday 19 December 2010 - Deal of the Day Tracker <--click for more

You've seen those places like Groupon and Living Social, right? They offer deals that are hard to beat, and if you look around, there are lot of these types of sites out there. What if you could find a place that has all of these daily deals all in a single location? That would be cool, right? Well, your wish has been granted. Check out the deal of the day tracker. If you live in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, San Diego, or San Francisco, they'll keep track of the cool deals in your area so you don't have to. Bookmark them and visit once a day to see the current day's deal. New deals are added every 24 hours, and if they don't cover your city yet, they are planning on adding more cities, so keep checking.

Saturday 18 December 2010 - New York City Chiropractor <--click for more

new york city chiropractor

If you live or work in Manhattan and you need a chiropractor, you can do no better than Dr. Kessel. He has been a board certified chiropractor for 25 years and has helped thousands of pain sufferers. Many of his patients were labeled "uncurable", but with his gentle yet effective methods, he has brought them better health and well being. Check out his New York City Chiropractic Wellness Center website for special deals and more information. There's even an online store with products you can buy to help achieve optimal health.

Friday 17 December 2010 - Downtown Austin Condos <--click for more

downtown austin condos

Live in Austin and want to move to a condo? Or maybe you're relocating from elsewhere and looking for a great place to call home? Downtown Austin Blog is where condo buyers can search the Austin Multiple Listing Service (mls) for the new home of their dreams. The site is run by a real estate broker that specializes in downtown Austin condos for sale, as well as Austin lofts for sale at buildings like the Austonian, Austin City Lofts, Milago, and The Shore Condos. So, if you are looking for Downtown Austin Lofts, you've found the right place.

Friday 17 December 2010 - P90X Fitness Training Review <--click for more

p90x fitness training review

If you've watched any amount of television in the past months, you'll probably know exactly what P90X is. If you haven't, then suffice it to say that it's the ultimate system for getting ripped in just 90 days. If you're looking to get that toned look and you want washboard abs, this is what you need. And if you want to know where to buy p90x, this is the place to do it. And if you order it here, you get a special bonus of Tony Horton's "Fountain of Youth", which is a great yoga routine. There's more, so visit the website and check it out for yourself.

Thursday 16 December 2010 - Travel in Italy <--click for more

travel in italy

The first time I went to Italy, it was with a busload of 17-year old Swedes. I was a foreign exchange student from the United States, and we were on our way to the south of France for a week of fun in the sun. Crossing into Italy, our bus was stopped by over zealous border guards with automatic weapons. They boarded the bus, most likely to ogle the pretty Swedish girls. But then they saw me. I didn't quite look Swedish, so with weapons in hand, they asked me to get out of the bus. When asked, I showed them my passport, which made them even more suspicious, because it was from the United States, not Sweden, and they knew the bus was Swedish. So, they called for backup. After another 5 minutes, they figured there was nothing else they could do to detain me, so they let me get back on the bus, and we continued our trip. Yes, this was my first experience in Italy. Don't let yours be like this. Go prepared! Visit Bric's USA for the insider knowledge that will come in handy to make your visit to Italy memorable in a good way. There is a lot more to Italy than confronting guards with assault weapons. My second trip there proves that. If you'd like to experience a really wonderful trip to Italy, then Bric will be more than helpful. They'll make it possible for you to discover places that most tourists miss out on. Check it out.

Wednesday 15 December 2010 - Dog Training <--click for more

dog training

Need help training your dog? Can't do it alone? Maybe you could use professionals. Dog Training is something to not take lightly. It involves dedication and commitment. Check out Halle Balle Dog, as they not only offer great free information on training, but you can immediately receive two free e-books just for signing up for their newsletter. If you are looking for dog training information with a positive focus, then you should check them out. The advice and tips come from real dog owners and not some super gurus that may or may not even like dogs. If you want good, sound advice for training your dog, you need to check them out.

Wednesday 8 December 2010 - Christmas Gifts for Dad <--click for more

christmas gifts for dad

I don't know if you realize it or not, but there are only a few more weeks left before Christmas. If you're going to buy something online, you better get to it! Check out Christmas Gifts for Dad if you are looking for something for your husband or your dad. They've got plenty of ideas, and I should know. Everything from elegant yet sophisticated watches, high tech gadgetry, tools, and more. Did I mention tools? If you want a website that will help you brainstorm some great ideas for the dads on your list, this is great place to visit.

Wednesday 8 December 2010 - Shopper Approved <--click for more

shopper approved

Do you or someone you know run an online store or other such place on the Internet where people buy products or services? You should check out Shopper Approved, a great place where real customers review and rate their buying experience. If you run a great store, why not let your own customers spread the good word about it? People who buy from you can fill out a simple customer satisfaction survey and help boost your consumer ratings. After you join the service, you get to put up a "seal of approval" that shows your customers' experiences. New visitors to your site can click on the seal to see live statistics and read online reviews. It's a great way to promote your business to a market that is becoming more demanding and picky about where they want to spend their money.

Wednesday 8 December 2010 - Simply Superheroes <--click for more

simply superheroes

When I was a kid, I loved dressing up as characters from my favorite tv shows. My favorite of all-time was dressing as Captain Kirk from Star Trek. I had the requisite yellow shirt with captain stripes, black pants, and the black boots. Of course, I looked nothing like William Shatner, but did that really matter? My best friend at the time was a trekkie as well, and I still remember when we went to Space Con 3 all decked out in our starfleet uniforms, waiting to get a glimpse of Grace Lee Whitney, who played Yeoman Rand on TOS (The Original Series). Well, I'm all grown up now, and I'd like to say I've put away childish things, but that's not really the case. Instead, I now dream of becoming a superhero. You know, like Superman or Batman. Well, there's a place online where you can get the costume of your dreams. It's called Simply Superheroes, and your kids might like the stuff they have there as well. But that's not to say that you won't also like their collection of cool costumes and other accessories. Dress like Spiderman, or wear a Boba Fett bounty hunter t-shirt. I still remember my son's comment after a night of trick or treating as Darth Vader. He was sweaty, tired, and really wanted to go home and eat candy. When we were almost done for the night, he turned to me and said, "you know, it's hard being on the dark side."

Wednesday 8 December 2010 - Best Way To Lose Weight <--click for more

best way to lose weight

If you are ready to start a new diet or weight loss program, you need to find one that is actually going to work for you. One that I've recently found that has a lot of merit is simply called The Diet Solution. It was developed by Isabel De Los Rios, an expert in nutrition and exercise. With over 10 years experience helping people lose weight and become healthier in the process, she has what it takes to make a difference. Her clients have overcome such health conditions as heart disease and diabetes with her help. Check out her diet program to see if it can help you.

Monday 6 December 2010 - The Power of Passive Investing <--click for more

passive investing

Let's say you have a finite amount of money and you want to spend as little time as possible making it grow. Do you put it into the stock market? No, that takes way too much time to manage. For the same reason, you want to stay away from the Forex market. Instead, what you want is a way to invest that takes as little time as possible. What you want is passive investing. Check out The Power of Passive Investing: More Wealth with Less Work by Rick Ferri. This 288-page book is filled with insight, advice, and resources for helping you create a sound investment plan. People always think they can do better than indexed funds. Well, statistically, that's almost never the case. Instead of flipping stocks and incurring fees everytime you move from one great company to the next, putting your money into index funds might actually be a better choice, and leave you with a lot less heartburn. Think about it.

Saturday 4 December 2010 - Photocopiers from Online Connect UK <--click for more


Office equipment can be boring. But if you work on an office, there's nothing boring with a malfunctioning copier when you need 5 collated sets of your latest document. And if you're running on a tight deadline, you don't want problems. If you run an office in the UK and are in need of a reliable photocopier or other office equipment, check out photocopiers from Online Connect UK. They offer sales and leases of new or used equipment. Their options give you affordable solutions to your office equipment needs.

Friday 3 December 2010 - Epson ink cartridges <--click for more

Epson ink cartridges

There's almost nothing worse than going to print an important document, only to find that you've run out of ink. It's happened to me more times than I'd care to admit. But now, I try to keep extra printer cartridges on hand so it doesn't happen anymore. If you own an Epson printer like me, check out the Epson ink cartridges available from Castle Ink. I own the Epson Stylus R200 printer, which I've had for a long time. It's a great printer, but it sucks down ink like it's going out of style. For this reason, I tend to keep a couple of each cartridge in reserve, and with the decent prices at Castle Ink, it doesn't have to be an expensive proposition.

Thursday 2 December 2010 - Link Tracking and Cloaking Software <--click for more

Link Tracking and Cloaking Software

I've just found something that I've just signed up for. It's free, and it helps you with your Internet marketing efforts. It's a site called LinkTrackr and it helps you handle many of your Internet marketing needs. If you are struggling to make money on the Internet, you need the ability to cloak your links (so people can't easily pull your affiliate ids off, etc.), track your advertising (so you can tell what works and what doesn't), get as much free traffic as possible, and automate as much of this as you can. LinkTrackr helps you with all of this, and then some. Sign up today for your free account and see just how powerful it is. I think you'll like it.

Monday 29 November 2010 - Photo Books <--click for more

Would you like to commemorate an event? Or, maybe you've just had a family gathering where lots of pictures were taken. Why not make a photo book out of the photos? Think in terms of a high school yearbook. Lots of photos in a keepsake format will last a lot longer than indvidual snapshots. Photobookmart offers photo books in a variety of formats, with a default size of 40 pages. It's a great way to keep a permanent record of something important to you or your family. And it will also make a great conversation piece for your next gathering.

Monday 29 November 2010 - Free Canadian Samples <--click for more

Free Canadian Samples is a great site if you are a woman living in Canada. You can get free samples sent to you of many name-brand products. Printable coupons are also sent directly to your inbox. It's cool, and it's completely free. If you've ever looked for a simple way to collect freebie information in one place, this site has done all the hard work for you. Get email every Tuesday with the latest freebies and coupons.

Sunday 28 November 2010 - Think and Grow Rich <--click for more

There are very few people in the world of small business that have not heard of Napoleon Hill. Maybe there's no one. He wrote that classic Think and Grow Rich. It's a book where he interviews successful people from his era to determine what it takes to be successful. It's been reprinted many times, and the Think and Grow Rich website offers a free copy of it. Check it out. Also check out all the other books and products they have to offer. If you're looking for the motivational or the inspiring, they have you covered.

Sunday 28 November 2010 - Verb Practice <--click for more

Trying to learn a foreign language? It's a daunting task. I know. I've tried learning several different foreign languages, none with much success. Except perhaps Swedish. But that's another story. If you're trying to learn Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Catalan, or Galician, you're in luck. The Verb Practice website will make short order of verb conjugations. It's a fun and quick way to learn, and you can do it whenever you have some extra time on your hands. I've been brushing up on my Spanish. And I'm going to have to brush for a very long time, as it's been many years since I've practiced...

Sunday 28 November 2010 - Viral Might, Can you Digg It? <--click for more

Maybe you know what Digg is. Maybe you don't. If you don't, you might want to check it out, especially if you're trying to get exposure for your website or blog. It's basically a social site, something like Twitter or Facebook, but it focuses on news or newsworthy items of interest. Many people use Digg for marketing purposes. Because millions of people visit Digg, it's a great place to get exposure for your products or services. But just placing an article there is not good enough. You need people to "digg" your article so that it bubbles up to the surface where more and more people can actually see it. That's where Viral Might comes in. They will Digg your story and help it get to the top or at least give it enough of a jumpstart to get it on its way. If you have a good story, just this jumpstart can trigger a viral effect that can get it to the top in no time. And because Viral Might uses real people to do their work, the chances are much better that your story will go viral.

Saturday 27 November 2010 - DMV Web Design <--click for more

I get friends asking me for help setting up their websites all the time. I don't mind helping, but my skills are frozen in time, circa 1995 or so. That's when I stopped learning html. I know things have progressed, so now I either tell people to use wordpress or some such animal, or to hire someone if the website they are working on is important enough. An outfit like DMV Web Design can handle just about any type of website you need. I've seen enough bad design from my friends to know that trying to do it yourself is just wrong. Leave it to professionals. They have the tools, the know-how, and have done it enough to get it right without wasting time.

Friday 26 November 2010 - Indulgent Bath and Body Care <--click for more

Welcome to Black Friday. This is traditionally the day of the year where merchants go into the black on their profit and loss sheets because of the amount of business generated. 'Tis certainly the season to get busy thinking about what presents to get for those certain people on your list. Indulgent Bath and Body Care is a great place to go for those people on your list who need extra pampering this holiday season. They feature all sorts of bath products, such as bath salts, natural soaps, oil, and more. Especially nice are the handmade soaps. Check out some of the "flavors" they come in, such as coconut, cucumelon, grapefruit margarita, and chery almond. You might not be able to eat them, but you can certain indulge in the aroma while you're pampering yourself in the bath.

Tuesday 23 November 2010 - Shark Steam Pocket Mop <--click for more

We've got a kitchen floor that is in a constant state of chaos. Whether it be spilled milk, cracked eggs, or some other wonderful mess the kids end up making, there's always something to be cleaned up. And then trying to keep it clean between spills is a chore. The Shark Steam Pocket Mop is a handy tool for doing quick cleanups, and it's nice to keep it on hand for those quick spills that life sends you. And, because it uses steam instead of chemicals, you've got a floor safe for children and pets.

Saturday 20 November 2010 - Website Design Sunshine Coast <--click for more

Website Design Sunshine Coast is your Australian source for website design, SEO, and advertising. They offer a myriad of services, including the benefits of a full advertising agency. So, if you are looking at increasing exposure for your business, they might be just what you are looking for. Be sure to check out their portfolio of past projects to get an idea of what they can do.

Saturday 20 November 2010 - Horses for Sale <--click for more

Looking to buy a horse? Or maybe you have a horse for sale? This Horses for Sale website has got you covered. It's completely free to list your horse, and your advertisement lasts 90 days. You can also embed photos and even video! From the looks of it, they've got horses for sale from all the different United States, Canada, and some other parts of the world. They've also got the horses categorized by breed, which makes it real easy to find exactly what you are looking for. My daughter has been nagging me about a horse, and the only reason I looked around was because I remember back when I wanted a horse. It didn't last that long with me, but I'm not that sure about my daughter. She has a friend who has horses, so I think it's only going to be a matter of time before she wears me down. There are plenty of places around us to keep a horse, so that won't be a problem. And now I know where to look for one...

Saturday 20 November 2010 - Accessories Loft <--click for more

My anniversary is coming up, and I'm looking for a good gift for my wife. The only problem is, we've decided not to spend more than $10 on each other this year, which is going to make it really hard to find something good. But, I did find Accessories Loft, a store that has some really nice looking jewelry and other things women like, and all at a really great price. I'm checking out the necklaces right now, and they have five of them that are all under $10. Nice.

Saturday 20 November 2010 - Izigg Mobile Review <--click for more

Always on the lookout for the next greatest thing, I stumbled across the Izigg Mobile Review website. If you haven't heard of mobile phone marketing yet, you will. It looks to be very big. After all, who do you know that doesn't have a mobile phone? Most people do, and some families (like mine) have eliminated land lines altogether. Text message is one of the most popular ways people use to stay in touch with each other. Many mobile phone plans include unlimited texting, and with its popularity, many more plans will begin to include it as well. Izigg recognizes that the marketing potential of the text message is really big and can reach billions each day. If you're interested in this opportunity, check it out for yourself.

Saturday 20 November 2010 - Pain Management Back Pad <--click for more

My mom suffers from extreme back pain. I've been doing a little research to see if there are any products that can help ease the pain. One product that has bubbled up to the surface is the Lepingo Back Pad. What is does is help improve the circulation which releases tension to the muscles and nerve endings, and that is supposed to reduced the pain you feel. Wear it from about an hour a day and it should give you good results. I'm going to get one for my mom and see how it works for her. Lepingo Products makes other pain management products, so if you're suffering from any other type of pain, including head, neck, shoulder, or knee pain, you should check them out.

Friday 19 November 2010 - World Barrios <--click for more

Interested in helping a neighborhood, or maybe even your own neighborhood? Check out the World Barrios website. It gives you a way to get involved and help. It lists neighborhoods in over 15 different countries. I looked for Sacramento, but it wasn't there yet. However, Santa Barbara and Monterey are already listed. If you own a local business and are concerned about bringing tourism dollars closer to home, you can use this site to find ideas and share thoughts with others. Tell what makes your community a great place to live or visit. Tell about upcoming events and projects. There are a whole lot of things you can do, and this website is a great place to start.

Tuesday 16 November 2010 - 101 Honeymoon Ideas UK <--click for more

Getting married? Live in the UK? I've got the perfect site for you! It's called 101 Honeymoon Ideas, and it's basically a website that gives you ideas for your honeymoon. If you're getting married, you're planning one, right? When my wife and I got married, we actually took a whole month off (hence the moon part of honeymoon) and visited such places as Disneyland, Seaworld, and Baja California. If we lived in the UK, I'm sure we would have ventured to similar places. Visit this site, and you'll find 101 pictures. Hover your mouse over a picture, and it will show you more details. Not everything is UK based. Most destinations are outside of the UK, like Greece or Kenya. But, there are a few UK-based destinations like Cornwall and Sussex. Have fun and make it memorable!

Tuesday 16 November 2010 - PDF Classic Books <--click for more

Where do you go when you are looking for something no longer in print or too old for most bookstores to carry? Where do you go if you want something out of the ordinary or more interesting than what's on the New York Times bestseller list? I just found a great new site called PDF Classic Books that has all sorts of reading material in pdf format. Download and read on your computer or whatever you have that can deal with pdf files. Something that I have been looking for is Napoleon Hill's The Law of Success in 16 Lessons. They've got it, along with Think and Grow Rich and many other classic titles. They also have books for animal care, cooking, hobbies, war, nature, parenting, and much more. If you want to expand your reading choices, give them a visit and check out their catalog.

Tuesday 16 November 2010 - A Chance for Romance <--click for more

Every once in a while, I try to inject culture into my soul. Usually, this is done by visiting an art museum or browsing a site of poetry. Well, I found an interesting poetry site the other day, and I'd like to share it with you. It's called A Chance for Romance. The poems have relationships as themes, which kind of struck a chord in me. When I was in Sweden many years ago, I met a black South African poet. This was during the time of apartheid, and we became good friends. He was in Sweden to receive a literary prize of some sort, and at the time, I wrote songs and played them on my guitar. He actually like some of my songs and told me something that I still remember to this day. This is what he said: "All poetry, songs, written word - it's all about relationships. You might think you're writing about something else, but you are only using it as a vehicle to express love." That's what he said, and that's what I get from the poems on this site. They are expressions of love, perhaps love lost, maybe even love gained, but always love.

Tuesday 16 November 2010 - Studio Graphics Monthly <--click for more

Let's face it. Most web design is horrible, mine included. I've been meaning to spruce it up, but I am by no means a web designer. I have friends who do it for a living, but they don't have to time to help me out. So, I've been looking on the Internet for help, and I found Studio Graphics Monthly. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it certainly sounds interesting. What they give you is access to professionally designed templates and graphics that you can use as your own. Just put your name on it and upload it to your host and start making money. They call it a business in a box, because they give you everything you need. Each month, you get the full package, including professional sales copy, high quality page design, thank you page, and extra bonus items. Only 500 licenses to this content will ever be sold, so if you're looking for a easy business to get into, you may well want to check this opportunity out.

Monday 15 November 2010 - Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals <--click for more

Do you remember your first stuffed plush animal? Mine was an oversized bunny. I loved him so much that my mom had to put him in the trash after about a year. I dressed him in clothes, took him camping with me, lost him a few times in the wilderness, etc. Now, I chastise my own kids when they abuse their plushy friends. And all the while, I sort of wish I had another one of my own. I'd really take good care of it this time. Promise! So, Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals is what I found today. They've got stuffed plushies of all types, from the usual bunnies and dogs and kittens to the strange and unusual, like aardvarks, turkeys, butterflies, giant microbes, and more. You've even got the typical licensed merchandise, like Pooh and Dora. And the word is that they are actively seeking a couple new companies to add to their already extensive selection. Remember that Christmas is just around the corner, so get your shopping done soon. Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals is one of the most fun sales sites I have seen in a very long time. It should make shopping for the kid's fun for any occasion not just the Holiday Season. I would recommend just going to hang out and read the descriptions, not to mention looking at all the cuteness. And for the person who has everything, how about the Giant stuff plush rabies microbe?

Monday 15 November 2010 - Sounds for Beats <--click for more

If you're a beat maker, you've got to check out Sounds for Beats, which is an amazing site filled with tons of sound samples you can use to create music using software such as FL Studio or Reason. Some sites will sell you sound kit that might include lots of sounds you're not even interested in, but this site will let you pick and choose the exact instrument sounds you want.

Monday 15 November 2010 - Web Based Photo Booth <--click for more

I have a webcam that I'm playing around with. It's kind of cool, as I can take pictures remotely. So, if I'm at work, I can take a picture of my room at home to see who's been eating my miniature Kit Kat bars. A service that acts like a web based photo booth allows me to take snapshots and have them emailed to me or someone else, and I can download the snapshots to my desktop. It's kind of cool, and I'm thinking of setting up my own "weather cam" at the office that points out the window and lets me check things from home, snapping pictures when I see a cool sunset or something like that. The nice thing about Picanom is, the pictures it creates don't have any logo imprints or ad texts, so they are nice and clean and can be used wherever you like.

Monday 15 November 2010 - Remote Control Fishing Boat <--click for more

Do you have any fishermen on your Christmas list? Think that it's going to be hard to find something for them this year? Well, surprisingly, there's a gift you can get them that I've never seen before. It's called the Remote Control Fishing Boat. Let's say your fisherman goes fishing on a lake and he doesn't have his own boat to get out where the fish might be. He can have the boat drive his fishing line out to whereever he wants to try and then release it. Sometimes, you just can't cast far enough, or there are other obstructions to getting your line exactly where you want it, but with this RC Fishing idea, you can try dropping your line places that used to be completely out of reach. And for the kids, they can use the boat to actually pull fish in once they are caught. So, whether the fisherman on your gift list is 6 or 60, this gift will make fishing more fun that it already is.

Sunday 14 November 2010 - Scottsdale Real Estate <--click for more

I have friends that live in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have a condo, but are looking to upsize and have been looking at DC Ranch homes for sale . They told me they are in the process of hiring a Realtor in the area. I told them to check out Barry Cox's website. He is a realtor in their area and knows the DC Ranch area very well. One thing I've found with house hunting is, you need someone who knows the area better than you, because there are going to be things only someone with inside knowledge will know that might make or break a deal or open up opportunities that you would never find on your own. If buying or selling Scottsdale real estate is in your future, you should consider Barry Cox.

Friday 12 November 2010 - Anti Aging Skin Care Products <--click for more

Remember my friend who asked me about anti-aging cremes? She hasn't given up looking for the fountain of youth. She asked me if I could find her a decent website with general information on how to deal with skin care. So, I looked around and found Anti Aging Skin Care Products, a site that has a plethora of advice and tips regarding how to deal with skin care. I was quite surprised, as it offered not only tips, but candid reviews of products that may help with the anti aging process. And these aren't just topical products, as the site covers things you can eat and drink that may help. The site appears to get updated frequently, so if you are looking for anti aging products and information, you might want to bookmark this one.

Friday 12 November 2010 - Payday Loans in the UK <--click for more

Live in the UK and need a payday loan? Well, check out this payday loan site. Instead of going to one particular company, you can find many different ones and compare and contrast what they offer. There are 20 different lenders listed here, and they are all licensed loan brokers holding Consumer Credit Licenses from the British Office of Fair Trading. So, if you live in the UK and find yourself a bit short, it's no hassle find a great site that offers payday loans.

Thursday 11 November 2010 - Old Fun Games <--click for more

I'm a fan of old arcade games. You know the ones. Pacman, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Centipede, Space Invaders, Missile Command, Scramble, Tetris, and all the rest. To me, they are much more fun than the complicated, sophisticated games of today. If you want to have a taste of yesteryear, check out Old Fun Games today. It's a blast from the past that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Wednesday 10 November 2010 - Model Railroads <--click for more

When I was a kid, I owned a model railroad set. It was HO scale, and I had great fun with it. Now that I'm all grown up, my railroad set has long since passed into other hands, the victim of one my my mom's garage sales. I really don't have space to set up a set nowadays, and my kids don't seem as interested as I was. Except for Michael. He's 6, and he really does love trains. If you love trains, check out Model Railroad, a blog dedicated to model trains. There's lots of useful information on every aspect of model railroading. Also make sure to subscribe to their newsletter, and you'll receive a free 18 page report that could save you time, trouble, and money if you're looking to get into model railroading yourself.

Wednesday 10 November 2010 - Ace Air <--click for more

If you live in Arizona and need air conditioning servicing, check out Ace Air. They were established in 1994 and have developed into one of the leading providers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) in Arizona. Ace Air is a licensed and insured contractor that provides the highest quality workmanship to serve the needs of both residential and commercial clients. They are a factory authorized dealer of the leading HVAC manufacturers and provide professional installation of quality products by experienced technicians at competitive prices. Using superior HVAC equipment and providing extraordinary service and expertise, has given Ace Air a leading edge in the industry.

Wednesday 10 November 2010 - EMR Software <--click for more

Doctors and medical practices are finally beginning to automate with electronic medical records, or EMR software. The Federal government provides incentive payments to help healthcare providers to pay for the new automation EMR software. Making a decision about which EMR software to choose can feel like a bet. Are you picking the right technology provider? Will they be around for the long haul? What happens to your data if you want or need to change electronic medical record software providers? gloStream is the only electronic medical record software company that has Microsoft Office built right in. gloStream provides doctors and healthcare facilities with certified, voice-enabled electronic medical record EMR software solutions.

Tuesday 9 November 2010 - Cavare Ratings <--click for more

Cavare Ratings is an innovative, free website for people to read independent reviews on Home Care and Senior Housing options. If you've had experiences (good or bad) with a particular service, you can rate and review the home care and senior housing options with which you've had experience. If you own a service, check your listing to make sure it is as accurate as possible. The directory covers all the United States and gives you a good idea of what services are available and what other people think about them.

Tuesday 9 November 2010 - Surf Anonymously <--click for more

Ever wonder how many people or organizations keep track of who you are and what you are doing? Believe me, there are tons. If you worry about this, or if you worry about privacy in general, then you should consider surfing the web anonymously. You can do this by surfing through a proxy, which is a third-party ip address that masks your own ip address, making it difficult if not impossible for others to track who you are or what ISP you use. Am I being paranoid about this? I don't think so. Did you know that depending on where you are, you may or may not be able to access certain parts of the Internet? Also, if you are using one of those nifty wireless Internet sticks to browse the Internet, people are able to triangulate your position within a few feet of where you are. Kind of scary, eh? Who needs it? Use a program like Hide IP Easy. Make it look like you are in a complete different part of the country. Or even better yet, make it look like your are in a completely different country. No one needs to know your exact whereabouts, especially the people who want to do you harm. There's a reason why you are asked for your zip code when you use your credit card. If someone knows about where you live, and they grab your credit card information (which happens much more than you think), they probably now know your zip code. Play it safe. A product like Hide IP Easy works to help you surf anonymously, and if you choose, can give you a new IP address every ten minutes or so, if you choose, and even make it look like you're in a different country. It's the protection you need in this modern, confusing mess of a world we live in these days. I try not to browse without some sort of protection, and Hide IP Easy is my anonymizer of choice now. It's easy to use and takes care of the problem without me having to fiddle with settings in my web browser or remember to change things every ten minutes. The feature of changing your IP address every once in a while is a feature that is worth all the gold in the world. I set it and forget it. No product could be easier to use. If you want surfing protection, check out Hide IP Easy today. It's one of the best tools I've come across in a long while.

Saturday 6 November 2010 - Organic Gemstone Jewelry <--click for more

Always on the lookout for good Christmas presents, I came across the website of a woman who makes organic style jewelry. Her work is beautiful and elegant. She also uses pure silver as opposed to sterling silver. She also uses 22k gold whereas many jewelers use 14k or 18k gold. Much of what she sells is for people who are marathon runners or triathletes. Being a former professional tennis player, she has found the pulse of other athletes and knows what they like. These are very personal pieces that you can't get anywhere else. As with anything custom, you need to allow enough time for delivery, especially if you want to have something made in time for Christmas. If you are looking for something really unique, check out the coin cuff bracelets. Shop early and have fun looking at all of the quality pieces she showcases on her website.

Saturday 6 November 2010 - The Alec Difrawi Project <--click for more

Most of you have probably never heard of Alec Difrawi. Neither did I until I ran across the Alec Difrawi Project. Basically, he's a person that has gone through a lot of ups and downs. He has been in prison, started a multi-million dollar business from scratch, and has been accused of many things. Some of those things might actually be true, but others most likely aren't. It's an interesting read, and no matter what you think after learning his story, I think you'll agree with me that it's the stuff that movies are made of. There have been plenty of famous people that have been in similar experiences, and the only difference between them and Alex Difrawi is that they were visible on radar for a lot more people. Maybe you've never started an international modeling agency or successful Internet company, but you don't have to in order to understand what kind of microscope that puts you under. Look at the new movie about Facebook. We all know a lot more about the founder of that company than anyone of us probably cares. It's all interesting, and the Alex Difrawi story is no different.

Saturday 6 November 2010 - iPhone Repair <--click for more

I got a call today from a friend of mine in Texas. He lives in Dallas and was working for Dell before he got laid off. Now, he's doing odd jobs and keeps track of everything with his iPhone. Unfortunately, he killed is iPhone one day when he was out on a field call. Do you know how it feels to all of a sudden be without a mobile phone? It happened to me once, and it was only because I forgot it at home. Let me tell you, it's really uncomfortable if you are used to having it all the time. My friend was a wreck when his phone broke. Fortunately, he was able to ship it off to a company in Austin, Texas, and they were able to fix his phone in no time flat. He was back in business in only a matter of days. If you ever have a problem with your iPhone, check out this iPhone Repair company. They do good work and include a 30-day warranty on all repairs. They can also unlock and jailbreak your iPhone and sell chargers and other accessories.

Saturday 6 November 2010 - Cool T-Shirts <--click for more

I know I keep mentioning this company, but since it's so close to Christmas, I've decided that it's time to order some of their t-shirts for my family and friends. I've also got a few ideas for some designs of my own and will see about get some customized t-shirts made. They offer free shipping in the US and have over 500 existing designs to choose from. One of the cool t-shirts I'm going to get for my oldest son is the "my shirt has words on it" and perhaps "i do all my own stunts". There are some really funny cool t-shirts like "marilize legijuana!". I especially like the men's cool t-shirts like "i like my water with barley and hops". Want cheap cool t-shirts? You'll find one here. At only $17.97 with free shipping, it's a great deal no matter how you slice it.

Saturday 6 November 2010 - Electric Bengals <--click for more

Looking for just the right breed of cat? If you're in the UK, and you are looking for something a bit more exotic than your run of the mill cat, check out Electric Bengals. They sell Bengal kittens, a breed known for their nice temperment and interesting personality. They also have a unique wild look, unlike most domestic-looking cats. On the website, you'll find pictures of the cats they use for breeding purposes and some of the kittens. They really are a unique looking breed of cat, so if you are looking to adopt a kitten, and you have the resources to go for the gusto, check them out.

Saturday 6 November 2010 - Penny Revolution <--click for more

It's amazing how much change accumulates in your household. We now keep a jar for pocket change because we don't know what else to do with it. Looking for a way to handle the loose coins, I came across these reusable coin wrappers. The rolls are actually made from recycled plastic milk containers and can be used many times before being thrown out. And of course, they come in penny, nickel, dime, and quarter sizes. Penny Revolution sells these coin tubes at a great price. Check out their website for more information.

Thursday 4 November 2010 - Brian Tracy on Goals <--click for more

Always looking for the next good self-improvement website, I came across a site focusing on Brian Tracy Goals. Who is Brian Tracy? That's a good question. He is one of those people who knows how to motivate people to do what they think is outside of their realm of possibility. I feel like those people a lot. Sometimes, the world simply overwhelms, and I feel like I can't achieve my goals or even get close to making a dent in them. Part of the problem is mindset. If you can fix your mindset, you can accomplish just about anything. The article he writes on goals hits the proverbial nail on the head. If you think you should start by dreaming small, you've got it all wrong. Start off by dreaming big. Read his insightful article for more details. I think you'll agree that he gives good advice.

Thursday 4 November 2010 - Perfect Golf Vacations <--click for more

I'm not a big golf fan. I've played only a few times in my life. But, I do have to say that I enjoyed it greatly. And this is why I am seriously thinking of playing golf on my next vacation. I know a lot of people do this kind of thing, as I see lots of golf bags on the baggage conveyers at the airport. I've been thinking about this so much lately, that I've decided to research it a bit. Perfect Golf Vacations is a great website that I found. It's made it easy for me to do all the research I need. They also offer customized discount golf packages, online tee time booking at up to 70% off regular rates, golf destination information, money-saving travel deals, reviews and recommendations from golfers, and give you the opportunity to share your reviews, recommendations, opinions and pictures with your travelers. Nice site, and I encourage you to visit it if you are thinking about taking a golf vacation soon.

Thursday 4 November 2010 - Anti Aging Creme <--click for more

I've got a friend who asked me what I knew about anti-aging cremes, and I said that I knew absolutely nothing. So, then she asked me to research the topic for her, as she's wondering if they would do her any good. OK, I said. I would do that. Well, here's the result of my research. There are thousands of sites out there that are devoted to making you look younger than you really are. Anti-aging cremes are just the tip of the iceberg. But I also found out that there are some cremes that actually work and there are some cremes that are actually terrible for you because of the ingredients they contain. This anti-aging creme website has some of the most useful information on the subject. Check it out if you're looking to start using it on yourself or you know of anyone considering it.

Wednesday 3 November 2010 - Sell Your UK House Fast <--click for more

As you probably know, my friend Darren lives in the UK. He and his girlfriend just had a new baby last month. They were really excited, but their house was too small. They needed something bigger, but they really needed to sell their existing house first, so they visited Rapid Speed Home Sales. This company promised to get their house sold quickly, and in 26 days, it was done. They got a cash offer that was very decent, and they were able to close on a new home that had the extra room they needed for the new baby. It worked out perfectly! If you live in the UK and need to sell your house quickly, you should consider the services of Rapid Speed Home Sales.

Monday 1 November 2010 - Real Estate Analysis for FREE <--click for more

Are you looking to sell your house or maybe just want to know what it's worth? You can get free real estate analysis to determine what your house is really worth on the open market. This will give you a good indication of whether it's a good time or not to sell or maybe refinance. The online software asks all the right questions and will give you a really good indication of your home's true worth. Real estate investment software usually costs lots of money, but the software on this site is completely free. Check it out.

Friday 29 October 2010 - Free Computer Repair and Advice <--click for more

Our communal home computer is on its last legs. Actually, it's on its last legs of this particular install of Windows XP. It's kind of a nice Dell running at 2.8ghz, but it seems much slower than that right now. The more time passes, the slower the computer gets, until eventually, it just stops working correctly. We're at this time now, so I'm looking for a good resource to handle this situation, as I really do not want to reinstall Windows XP one more time. I don't think I have the patience for tracking down all the drivers I need, and backing up the stuff that must be backed up if I decide to completely wipe the hard drive. So, I looked on the Internet and found free computer repair help that I am in the process of using to determine if the situation can be saved. From what I can gather, the situation indeed can be saved. The website has an excellent step-by-step procedure for dealing with a slow computer, and I think it's going to work for me. If you need help with your own computer, and it's running Windows, you should check the site out.

Thursday 28 October 2010 - Phoenix Wedding Planners <--click for more

Phoenix wedding planners is a directory of wedding planners in the Phoenix, Arizona area. If you live in the Phoenix area and are planning a wedding anytime soon, check the site for available wedding planners. Also, if you are a wedding planner in the Phoenix area, here's a great way to advertise your services with a complimentary listing. It's a fantastic way to get exposure for your business. Check it out.

Wednesday 27 October 2010 - Kindle Covers <--click for more

You see them everywhere. You know what I mean. Those Kindles that people have. They use them to read newspapers, magazines, even books. Go in a coffee shop and there's at least a few tables with Kindle users. The only problem seems to be, how do you tell them apart? What if you are sitting at the table with a friend and you both have Kindles? You both get up to pick up your drink orders and when you return, you can't tell each other's Kindle apart. I've actually had this happen before. Not with a Kindle, but with something similar. It's a rather rude surprise to come home and find out you've got someone else's thing. And that they have yours. How about personalizing your Kindle? Kindle covers not only protect them from the hazards of the day. They also differentiate them from each other, giving them personalities. It's the holiday season. Christmas shopping starts soon. Why not get a Kindle cover for that special person on your list. Or maybe even pick one up for yourself.

Wednesday 27 October 2010 - Zoobles Toys <--click for more

Christmas is coming... If you have children, they might have wish lists. Or maybe they've already told you what they want. I hear the word on everyone's lips this season is Zoobles. What are Zoobles Toys and why are they so popular? Have you seen the Littlest Pet Shop or Polly Pocket toys in your local Target? It's kind of similar to that. You have a bunch of colorful creatures that are cute and collectible. And of course there are plenty of accessories, carrying cases, you name it. There's even a mythology about where they came from, where they live, etc. It's cool, it's nonviolent, and kids will fall in love with them. If you want to know where to Buy Zoobles, well you know that already. Click Here.

Monday 25 October 2010 - MrTEES <--click for more

I know I covered it earlier, but I took another look at the t-shirts here, and I just had to make another entry about them. Are you looking for offensive t shirts? Or, maybe you want funny offensive t shirts. Or, if you are feeling particularly bold, how about rude offensive t shirts. Or, maybe you just want to have it all and wear rude and offensive t shirts. That's OK. Unless you go to a public high school where they might make you turn your t-shirt inside out, there is such a thing as free speech. And to get the very best in free speech, Mr. Tees is the place to go! They sell shirts focusing on the college demographic, so if you're in a school of higher education, demand your right to free speech! And with free shipping in the U.S. and over 500 different designs to choose from, it's really a no brainer, right? Remember, $17.97 per shirt includes shipping. Grab a bunch, not just for you, but for your like-minded friends.

Saturday 23 October 2010 - Cover Letter Format <--click for more

Maybe you have a resume all set to go out because you need a new job. But what about the cover letter? Surprisingly, most people put their big effort in doing a great resume and then end up doing the cover letter as an afterthought. But you have to realize that the cover letter is the first thing someone in the HR department is going to see. If they aren't impressed with the cover letter, do you really think they're going to bother with the resume? So, don't scrawl out a short note like "hey, enclosed is my resume - take a look and you'll see why you should hire me". Instead, take some time to write a really effective cover letter that will make them want to really consider you. For ideas, check out Cover Letter Format. You'll find great examples of cover letters for just about any type of job you could want, plus ideas for how to make your letter relevant to the type of company to which you are applying. And if you've never written a cover letter before, it will guide you through all the basics. It's all completely free and well worth the visit.

Friday 22 October 2010 - Coupon Shak <--click for more

It's a tough economy out there. Businesses are going belly up and people just don't have as much as they used to for discretionary spending. Yeah, maybe you have enough to buy the staples like bread and milk, but what about the latest mp3 player? Out of the question. Unless you've got a really nice coupon, like one that gives you 30% off your purchase. But where do you find coupons like this? Try Coupon Shak. It comes complete with search engine and offers both online coupons and printable coupons. The site is updated frequently, so you'll be sure to get the latest deals going. I'm definitely going to use it frequently.

Friday 22 October 2010 - Medical Home Alert <--click for more

If you are looking for a medical alert system for seniors, then this company has a very nice offer. For a low monthly fee of only $29.95, they provide peace of mind with 24/7 emergency response monitoring. They've been in business since 1977, and Good Housekeeping magazine recommends them. They also get an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. You can cancel at anytime, and there are absolutely no setup fees. Just the low monthly fee is all you will ever have to pay.

Friday 22 October 2010 - Adam Meyer <--click for more

Have you heard of Adam Meyer? If you know anything about sports handicapping, you probably recognize his name. He has been in the handicapping business for over 20 years and has made over a million dollars in one year for his top clients. Each week over ten million dollars is waged based on his advice. If there's an outcome, Adam will show you how to turn it into an income. Adam has also caught the eye of the people in the biz with more than a dozen current radio shows and a weekly TV appearance. There is even a movie role in the works as well as a reality show. Adam isn't a rising star, he's already there.

Thursday 21 October 2010 - AshMax <--click for more

There are a lot of moneymaking opportunities out there, and most of them are not worth the space they take up. However, AshMax sounds promising. Started by one of the leading sales people for GDI (Global Domains International), Ash Mufareh, it combines the products of GDI and FTS (Freeway to Success). You basically enroll 5 people in your downline and that's it. Once you've done that, you wait until they all enroll their people, and the money starts pouring in. Signing up for AshMax is free, but signing up for GDI and FTS costs a little bit on a monthly basis. However, once you sign up your five people, you should be well on your way to making upwards of $22,300 per month!

Tuesday 19 October 2010 - Learn Simple Ways to Self Improve <--click for more

I just found a really interesting blog that I'm planning on bookmarking. It's called Learn Simple Ways to Self Improve and it's all about doing things for yourself that will make you feel better. Not difficult things, but simple things that really don't take much effort. The site is updated often, and has mini essays on various topics as well as videos that demonstrate certain practices. One suggestion that I'm thinking of putting into practice is his business card idea. Instead of exchanging business cards, why not exchange cell phone numbers instead. That way, the number is right in your phone, and you can text each other. Immediate and not something likely to be thrown out or lost. Whenever someone asks for my number, I ask for theirs, and then call it immediately. They get my number without typos and can immediately save it to their address book. I know that the number I called is accurate as well, and I save it. Little things like this really do work.

Tuesday 19 October 2010 - Career Counseling <--click for more

The job market is global, and the availability of jobs is a global problem. There is not one country that hasn't been hit with the economic crisis that has overtaken us in these last few years. So, brushing up on your job getting skills is more important now than ever before. There are many places that will help you write resumes, but you need more than a good resume. You also need to know how to interview well, because it's you and hundreds of other potential candidates competing for that one measly job that opens up. Any edge you can have over others is going to make it all the easier for you to win the job you want. That's why career counseling is so important. You don't just need help with your resume. You also need help with cover letters, interview tactics, follow-up strategies, and much more. There are places all over the world that offer these kinds of services. Even in Greece, you can visit CV CLINIC. They offer help for people in Greece, where the economic crisis has especially hit really hard.

Monday 18 October 2010 - Mold in Basement <--click for more

Over the weekend, I decided to do a little cleanup in my garage. What a mess! And it's not exactly all ours. It appears that we are infected with a virulent strain of mold that has grown from the ground up. Not knowing the first thing to do about it, I checked the handy dandy Internet and quickly found a site called Mold in Basement. OK, so it's not our basement that has the problem, but I figured, close enough. The site gives all sorts of good information for how to deal with mold, describes the different types of mold that you might have to deal with, and also gives tips and tricks for preventing future outbreaks. The garage is not really well ventilated, and one of the problems is, mold really likes to reproduce in places that are warm and damp. If you have a mold problem, check this site out. You might find just the remedy to your problem.

Special Offer From Heavenly Treasures <--click for more

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Friday 15 October 2010 - Cool Men's Blog <--click for more

Are you a cool man? Do you know what it means to be a cool man? Do you like the absolutely latest gadget or high-tech item that isn't even on the market yet? Do you watch James Bond movies solely because you get a rush from the latest thing Q is going to come out with? Well, you should check out Cool Men's Blog. This website can help you find the latest in cool men's fashions, gear, and gadgets. I know you want a jetpack, right?

Thursday 14 October 2010 - MacGillivrays Scottish Gifts <--click for more

Looking for a Celtic cross? The Celtic cross is a symbol that combines the cross with a ring surrounding the intersection. The crosses offered by MacGillivray's are beautiful, with selections in both silver and gold. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry that has been crafted with care and quality, you cannot go wrong with the many fine selections available here. You'll find a wide variety of other jewelry here as well, so take your time and peruse at a leisurely pace.

Wednesday 13 October 2010 - MrTEES <--click for more

OK, I admit it. I'm a sucker for a funny t-shirt. I used to be a big collector, until I entered the professional job scene. Then, I became a super huge collector, but I don't wear any of them to professional functions. Mostly, I wear them around the house. Always on the lookout for cool t-shirts, I came across a site called MrTEES. Yes, like in A-Team. The big guy who says the line "I pity the fool!" You've got to check some of these designs out. They've got everything from hilarious sayings to the downright rude. I'm not a big fan of offensive t-shirts, but I know quite a few people who are. The shirts are very affordable, at only $17.97, and that includes free shipping inside the U.S. You'll find over 500 designs, so if you have many moods, you can get many t-shirts to fit them. Check them out.

Wednesday 13 October 2010 - Business Blogs Hub <--click for more

Do you have an Internet-based business? Looking for ways to get exposure for your website? There are plenty of ways of doing it, and I've come across many. One I just recently came across is called Business Blogs where you can submit a post related to your business. They publish your post and you get exposure. Each post also gets broadcast to their social network. This includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. It's a great service that I am planning on using often. And best of all, it's entirely free!

Wednesday 13 October 2010 - Portland Colonics <--click for more

My mom is thinking about colonics. That's what she told me on the phone. So, I asked her, what exactly is colonics? She said her doctor recommended it, but didn't know and wanted me to find out for her. Actually, it's a procedure that's done to clean out your colon. I looked it up on the Internet and found tons of information. Some of the best information I got was from a site called Portland Colonics. They have a good FAQ with information on what "colonic hydrotherapy" is and what you can expect it to do for you. Basically, it is supposed to improve your health, and with how it is explained on their web site, it makes complete sense. Visit the site and check out the information. And if you are in the Portland, Oregon area, consider them if you want to pursue colinic hydrotherapy.

Tuesday 12 October 2010 - Sports Betting System <--click for more

Some say there are no surefire ways to win at gambling, that eventually, you will lose your shirt. What if I were to tell you that there is a way, and that way has been documented and available for your to look at? What if I were to also tell you that you can win over 97% of the sports bets you make? Sound too crazy to be true? Check out this sports betting site for more details.

Tuesday 12 October 2010 - Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide <--click for more

Do you have Starcraft 2? Do you want to get good at it? This is the complete Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide. The Starcraft 2 Guide is an in-depth guide teaching you how to master the Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. Learn the top strategies and play styles of all three races to earn your way to #1 rank Diamond. The Starcraft 2 Guide teaches you every aspect of the game giving you the advantage against any opponent. The Guide has the top strategies used by the pros so you can learn how to micro and macro like a diamond player and take over your diamond division.

Monday 11 October 2010 - Rocket Spanish <--click for more

Ever want to learn Spanish? Want to do it in the least amount of time possible? And maybe do it online? Well, Rocket Spanish is probably what you're looking for. Try out their free 6-day course. It gives you a reall good example of what to expect.

Monday 11 October 2010 - The PLR Profits <--click for more

Always on the lookout for ways to make money online, I came across a site called The PLR Profits. You might ask, what exactly is PLR? Well, it's an acronym for "Private Label Rights". It means that you buy these products and you have the rights to resell them with very few restrictions. It means you become a publisher and make money everytime someone buys a report from you. And even better, if you buy these reports, you can use them yourself to make some great money online. The techniques and tricks are worth a whole lot more than the cost of admission. Some of the PLR products include "Social Media Profits" where you discover how to make money using social media sites; "Auto Yahoo" where you get a bunch of Yahoo visitors by asking questions or answer other people's questions; "Blogging Cash System" where you learn to set up moneymaking blogs. There's much, much more in this package, and the cool thing is, it's only going to set you back $9. That's not a typo. It's only $9! Act fast before the offer gets pulled.

Monday 11 October 2010 - Photoshop Tools Tutorials (ToolTuts) <--click for more

I've never been very good at Photoshop. I've got friends that have mastered it to such a degree that you can say things to them like, "I went to a party, but my best friend couldn't make it, and when they took photos, I really wished he could be there..." And their response is something like, "No problem - show me a photo, and I'll add him in." How do you learn stuff like that? To start, you make your way over to a site called Photoshop Tools Tutorials. They've got a set of free tutorials on how to use all those nifty tools in Photoshop. The tutorials are simple enough for me to go through them, and I'm learning some neat techniques that I'm going to be using in my next batch of photos...

Sunday 10 October 2010 - TechXpress <--click for more

I'm always on the lookout for good web design ideas and recently found a company called TechXpress. They offer IT Services, eCommerce Solutions, Google Adwords assistance, and much more. What I was intrigued with was their portfolio of past projects. I have an idea for a t-shirt store, and I really liked what they did for the Aloha Shirt Shop. You can check out this one plus other past projects by visiting their portfolio page. Check out the video-based client success stories to get an idea of what their clients have to say about their work. It's very cool. If you have a website that needs to go up, and you want a professional company to handle it for you, contact TechXpress. They'll give you a free quote on whatever work you need.

Sunday 10 October 2010 - XSitePro Discount <--click for more

Do you want to design websites? Do you have some sites you need to get going? What software are you using to do that? Have you heard of XSitePro? It is a powerful website design product that is absolutely perfect for beginners, business owners, educational users, affiliate marketers, and even power users and professional website designers. It doesn't matter what your background is. This software will knock your socks off. It has an excellent, easy-to-use interface, hundreds of templates you can use to start the design process, the ability to publish changes on demand and scheduled to appear in the future, seo tools to make sure you are taking advantage of all the search optimization tricks you possibly can, and much more. Your phone number or address just changed and you need to hunt through all your pages to find them? No problem, XSitePro will do it automatically for you. Have banners you want to display on your website? No problem. The banner rotator will allow you to add as many banners as you like, and rotate them automatically each time someone visits your website. It's just a really cool program, and if you get it from the website listed here, you get a terrific discount. If you want a great piece of software you can use over and over again to design excellent websites, take advantage of your XSitePro Coupon today.

Saturday 9 October 2010 - Your Holy Land Store <--click for more

Are you Jewish or do you have Jewish friends? Looking for the perfect gift? You can't go wrong with Your Holy Land Store. You'll find some amazing gifts here. From prayer shawls to Kabbalah jewelry, you're bound to find something of interest for the hard-to-buy for on your gift list. Included with some of the standard gifts are things such as beauty products made with the minerals found in the Dead Sea. This includes body peels, face masks, bars of soap, and even hair shampoo. Whether you are planning your next passover seder or wondering what to get for the bar mitzvah you've just been invited to, you've got the check out this site. Most likely, you'll find exactly what you want here.

Saturday 9 October 2010 - Free Stuff UK <--click for more

My friend Darren in the UK has made me jealous. He pointed out a new site he just found which he refers to as free samples uk because it has information on how to get a bunch of free stuff, but primarily for people in the U.K. I took a look, and it's nicely laid out, with the most recent stuff first and the older stuff near the bottom. He's already received a bunch of freebies and looks forward to receiving more goodies. The site is updated daily and has information on things such as free phones, free sim cards, free t-shirts, and much more. I don't know what it takes to get that free iPhone 4, but I think Darren is looking into that as well.

Saturday 9 October 2010 - Holiday <--click for more

I just saw a refreshingly good movie last night. It's called Holiday and stars Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. The basic premise is, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy meets girl's sister, etc. However, what makes this a good movie is that it promotes the idea of "money is not the be all and end all". What if you could start married life on a holiday of a year or two? Wouldn't it be a great time to discover life and all the possibilities that lie ahead of you? While you're still young? Before you get married, make enough money so that you and new mate can live fairly comfortably for a couple of years without having to work. Take that time to explore, to notice the beauty of it all. Don't we all want to do something like that, deep down inside? Well, I guess not everyone, and that creates the tension in the film. If you have a chance to check it out, give it a try. It's not as quick and sharp as the movies of today, but I'm not a great fan of today's movie-making. Also, it shows the fact that it started life as a play because it lacks the visuals that you expect from movies. But I don't care. I like it anyway, and I think a lot of people might also like it. Give it a chance and let me know what you think.

Friday 8 October 2010 - Speech Machine <--click for more

Ever need to come up with a speech and have only a day or even less time to work it all out? Never had to give a speech and find yourself having to give one? What you need is this free website called Speech Machine. It makes coming up with a decent speech easy and fun. You can brainstorm, customize, and publish a speech in only minutes. Even if you've never given a speech in your life, you can use the point and click interface on this website to come up with something that will make all the eyes in the room fix on you as you deliver the goods. Don't believe me? Visit the site and give it a try. Fill out some names to personalize the speech. Then, pick the beginning, middle, and end portions of your speech from a wide variety of examples. Try out several different versions of each portion of the speech until you find one to your liking. Then, edit it to make it truly personal. The whole process is easy as pie, and while you're doing it, the website lets you know the estimated duration of your speech. This is great. It beats making up a speech completely from scratch, and if you're just not good at writing, who wants to go through all that hassle? Like I said, it's completely free, and you'll actually have fun coming up with just the right speech for the occasion.

Friday 8 October 2010 - Self Directed IRA or 401k? <--click for more

Remember when houses were selling for more than they were worth? Yeah, the real-estate boom. Self Directed IRAs got big during that time. But now that housing prices are down and stock are up, it's an even better time to consider them. Whatever you want, be it an IRA or 401k, check out CompleteIRA. These guys offer checkbook control 401k and IRA plans, and have good information showing the differences between them.

Thursday 7 October 2010 - Free High Converting Squeeze Page <--click for more

If you're wondering what a squeeze page is, this site is probably not for you. A squeeze page is where someone who wants to market something to you will ask for some of your details so that information can be sent to you at a future time. It is one of the most important tools in the online marketer's arsenal, as building a high-quality list is a must if you want to be a success. If selling products or services on the Internet is your thing, this is a really good example of how to set up a squeeze page, and you owe it to yourself to study how it's done and how you can replicate it for your own purposes.

Wednesday 6 October 2010 - Enhancing Life's Journey <--click for more

Imagine a website that actually does its utmost to improve your life, not only physically, but on a spiritual plane. Man does not life by bread alone, and Satiama can help nurture those parts of you that may feel ignored by societal norms and current trends. Make money, live well, do lots of stuff they all say. But what is meant by all of this? What happened to stopping to smell the roses, or explore those parts of yourself that may not bring in the cash, but certainly affect your ability to do so. No matter what you believe, you do have a metaphysical aspect to your nature, and it needs to be nourished. This amazing website has hundreds of guest articles, some truly beautiful videos, and an online store featuring really cool products, including a hugely popular collection of books for kids and teens. You should really visit this visionary resource and explore what it has to offer. It has the possibility of changing your perspective. Maybe it can even change your life.

Wednesday 6 October 2010 - The Wellness Directory NZ <--click for more

I was recently looking for some medical information, specifically something about homeopathy, and I encountered The Wellness Directory NZ. It's a comprehensive information site based in New Zealand. It includes a list of practioners from many different specialties. Whether you are into massage, yoga, homeopathy, acupuncture, or even if you are looking for a chiropractor, this is a great resource for those of you in New Zealand. But even if you don't live there, there is plenty of information that applies no matter where you call home. As for my search for homeopathy information, they not only describe what it is, but they offer a list of conditions that it might be helpful in treating. My search was for something that could help my son's eczema problem. If you find yourself wanting basic information on various alternative wellness techniques, you'll find a lot here. There are videos, articles written by registered practitioners featured here, and much, much more. I can say without a doubt that it is one of the most comprehensive directories of health-related information I have seen!

Wednesday 6 October 2010 - Kitchen Cabinet Kings <--click for more

Cabinets can make or break a room's look. If you've got shabby cabinets, it doesn't matter what you do. Your room is going to look shabby. Since the kitchen is a major part of any dwelling, the cabinets there are going to say a lot about the place in general. If you're not happy with your cabinets, maybe it's time to think about getting new ones. A great place to start is Kitchen Cabinet Kings. They offer a variety of discount kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, and a gallery where you can see how things will look in the real world. A design rep will even help you pick the exact right set of cabinets for your particular situation. And don't worry about quality. This company sells cabinets that are constructed with all plywood, not that particle board stuff. Order your cabinets, and you can expect to get them in about 1 to 2 weeks.

Monday 4 October 2010 - Red Skinny Jeans <--click for more

There are plenty of fashion trends out there. One which catches everyone's eye is Red Skinny Jeans, primarily because they are bright and very visible in the humglum world of today. While the goth look lingers, people are starting to utilize brighter more eye-catching colors. And isn't red the most eye catching color of them all? But where do people get these jeans? You can look all you want in your local Target or Wal-Mart, but good luck finding a pair. No, instead, you have to use alternate resources. Want to know where you can get some? Check out RedSkinnyJeans where they are reviewed and compared. You'll find sources for both men and women jeans, plus lots of other things. It's a retro fashion that will take you right back to 1960s England, and isn't that where you want to be right now, instead of here in the complicated light of modern technology?

Sunday 3 October 2010 - Wellness Home Biz <--click for more

Who is Wellness Home Biz? It is a gigantic manufacturing company. You may have never heard of it, but it actually competes against Proctor & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Lever Brothers, and other manufacturing companies. They are unlike Amway/Quixtar, Shaklee, Nuskin, Herbalife, Mary Kay, or Noni-Juice. They are not an MLM, as they don't inventory, sell, deliver or touch other people's products. They are a catalog shopping company and people order through an 800 number or online 24 hours a day. As one of the fastest growing companies in all of America, they are doing over $900 million in annual sales and have have had over 100,000 people recently join the company (that is over 1000 people a day on the average) in the last few months. If you are looking for great products at Wal-Mart prices, and you want to make some money to boot, you need to check them out.

Saturday 2 October 2010 - Your Neighborhood Online! <--click for more

Here's a cool site that's currently in beta right now. It's called LocalBlox and basically puts your own neighborhood online. How cool is that? The beta already includes 50,000 neighborhoods across the United States, with many more to follow. You can use LocalBlox to discover your neighbors, learn about your neighborhood, and engage socially with those around you. We live in a time where we can easily go about our busy daily lives without ever connecting with our neighbors. When was the last time you said hello to your next door neighbor? Do you even know their name? Become better and become involved. Get to know your neighbors and what's going on around you. Start today, and make LocalBlox a part of your involvement.

Saturday 2 October 2010 - How To Win Back Your Ex <--click for more

It's a story as old as time itself. People get together. People break up. When it happens to someone else, it's a story to ponder, maybe even to share with others. But when it happens to you, sometimes it feels like nothing in the world can console you. And maybe you think, there's a chance that things can be patched up. Maybe you can get together again. And you know what? You might just be right. If you're dealing with the heartache of a breakup, check out this eBook on How To Win Back Your Ex. It might just give you the information you need to rekindle those flames and patch up the relationship. Maybe even build something much stronger than you had before. Don't let harsh words or misplaced emotion put an end to something truly magical. If you think your relationship is worth fighting for, then give it a fighting chance.

Friday 1 October 2010 - Living With Small A-cup Breasts <--click for more

OK, I know that this doesn't really pertain to me, but it does affect a lot of women out there, so I thought I'd put it up. If you're not happy with the size of your breasts, and you don't want to resort to surgery or other artificial means of enhancement, you should take a look at this woman's website. It's a personal breast enhancement experience through a journal. She shares with you all she had to go through in order to deal with the situation. It's an intimate journey, and her courage to share it with others is to be admired.

Thursday 30 September 2010 - Keeping Chickens Newsletter <--click for more

Ever thought about keeping chickens? It's not as hairbrained as you think. Even if you just have a space in your backyard to keep a chicken coop, you're almost there. Just make sure your neighbors don't mind if you have roosters. This website has just about as much as you'd ever want to know about chickens, and the free newsletter they provide has been going for 3 years now. Take a look at a free issue and see for yourself what a jam-packed resource it is. With today's economy, being even slightly more self-sufficient is a great asset, and if chicken is to your liking, well, consider the benefits of keeping them.

Monday 27 September 2010 - Honor The Date <--click for more

Quick. Think of a date that is important to you. Of course there's your birthday, anniversary, and maybe even the birthdays of your loved ones. But have you ever considered how many more you can celebrate? Or future dates like vacations, weddings and retirement that you'd like to share with the world. That's the idea behind which offers mugs, t-shirts, caps, and more with each date of the year printed on these items. Some folks wear them to honor a birthday (their own or some special to them). Others buy them for accountability (letting the world know you are quitting smoking or starting a diet on say March 1 or any other date). A few companies have bought the t-shirts for their staff with the launch date of their new product (to keep everyone on track). Whatever your reason for celebrating a particular date, this company has some great products for making it happen with the visibility you want. Check out their whole line of products at their website.

Monday 27 September 2010 - eCover Advantage <--click for more

Do you have a product you need a cover designed for? If you're an eBook writer, you know how important a good cover is. eCover Advantage is a great source for custom eCovers, whether they be for eBooks or videos, or whatever you need a cover for. The best part of all of this is, your eCover is only going to cost you $37. That's a great deal for an eCover, because people usually charge a lot more. Plus, he'll work with you to make sure you are satisfied with the design. And even at the very end, if you're still not satisfied, you get your money back.

Monday 27 September 2010 - Video Skin Advantage <--click for more

Do you have videos that you put online for customers and prospective customers? Looking for a way to differentiate your videos from everyone else's? One of the easiest ways to do this is to frame them. Put them into customized frames to accentuate or differentiate your videos from all the other ones out in Internet land. You can really make your videos stand out this way, and isn't that what you want? More attention? Video Skin Advantage offers a slew of customized frames you can use. Some are absolutely free to use while others cost a bit of money. If you get noticed, people will watch your videos, and ultimately, that's going to mean more people buying your product and more money in your pocket!

Monday 27 September 2010 - Live in Georgia or Florida and Need Fence Work? <--click for more

If you are looking for a local company to do great fencework for you, consider Fence Augusta. They're not just passionate about their fences, but they are consummate professionals. They have the people and resources to handle just about every fence job under the sun and will back up their workmanship with a lifetime warranty. How many companies do you know that would dare do that? They have offices all over the Southeastern United States, so if that's where you live, they can take care of business for you.

Sunday 26 September 2010 - Capture Any Online Video or Audio File to Your PC <--click for more

Have you ever had the need to capture an online video or audio while it was playing? There are some pieces of software that can allow you to do that, but none of them have the power of Replay Media Catcher. If it's online, this software can capture it for you. It includes a total of nine programs to assist in this. Save music as mp3, record a Skype conversation, grab streaming video and audio such as podcasts, radio shows, XM and Sirius programming. You name it, this software can capture it. It can also convert between 36 different file formats, so you can make sure the captured audio or video file is in a format of your choosing. Download a free trial copy and see for yourself how powerful it is. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Friday 24 September 2010 - Jody Coyote Earrings <--click for more

Who exactly is Jody Coyote? Legend has it that she's a woman from Oregon who started crafting handmade earrings back in the 1970s. She was a larger than life legend back in those days, mostly because there really was no person by the name of Jody Coyote. At least, no one by that name who crafted handmade earrings in the Pacific Northwest. Jody Coyote was a brilliant marketing gimmick devised by an Oregonian businessman. But one thing is true: the earrings that have been produced all these years are very cool. Especially nice are the handmade niobium earrings. They are light, easy to wear, brilliantly colored, and hypoallergenic because they contain no nickel. The website specializes in vintage Jody Coyote earrings, and their selection is vast. Check them out if you'd like to get a pair of something that is not your run-of-the-mill, either for yourself or for a gift.

Wednesday 22 September 2010 - Cheap Cigars Anyone? <--click for more

I'm not a super huge fan of smoking, but I do love a good pipe of tobacco or a nice cigar every once in a while. It's a private pleasure. My goal is to one day own a smoking jacket and a really nice chair to put in my library/den so I can go there every once in a while and light up a really nice smoke and just relax the stress of the day away. Smoking can be an expensive proposition, so it's important to find a good source of quality product at an affordable price. That's what Cigar Worlds offers. They offer reviews of the best cigars available, and the prices waver around the $5 mark. Expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $6.50 for each cigar you purchase. Ah yes, nothing better than a good cigar, a glass of jack, and a fine book...

Wednesday 22 September 2010 - Search Engine Optimization <--click for more

I'm always on the lookout for ideas on how to make my website more visible, so I've frequently taken a look at search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Those three letters spark fear in the hearts of weaker souls. People talk SEO like they know all about it. And then you dig a little deeper, and you realize they know just about as much as you do, maybe even less. Not with London SEO Expert. In my journeys to find more information, I ran across their website, mostly lured in by the Free SEO Report. They actually know what they're doing, and if you look at the contents of their website, you'll find lots of useful material and information, not a lot of fluff. If you are based in the UK, or more specifically, London, this is a great resource for you. But even if you're in Timbuktu, they can still help you. In any case, you'll get a lot of use from the free resources here, and don't forget to sign up for their free report. You won't regret it.

Tuesday 21 September 2010 - Monitored Medical Alert Systems <--click for more

Do you or someone you know have mobility issues? Or maybe you live alone and might need assistance in the event of an accident. If this is the case, you should check out True Med Alert. If you are familiar with the "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials, you know exactly what I mean. These devices are true life savers. Some people may make fun of the commercial, but the problem is serious and more frequent than you realize. A friend of mine's mother fell walking to the kitchen from her bedroom. She ended up fracturing her ankle and could not move. The pain was almost unbearable as she sat there on the floor waiting for someone to come home. Fortunately, it was only 15 or so minutes, but what if it was all day? The nice thing about the devices from this company are the extended range. With 600 feet, you can be out working in your garden or getting the mail at the corner mailbox, and you'll still be covered. And it doesn't even have to be a fall. It could be a stroke or heart attack, and if that's the case, the sooner you can get treatment, the better your chances. Why take the risk?

Sunday 19 September 2010 - Microchip Cat Flaps - Pet Porte <--click for more

Got cats that spend time indoors and outdoors? Are they microchipped? Then you are a candidate for a cool new product. It's called the Pet Porte cat flap. Install on your door like any other pet flap, and it allows your microchipped cat to come in but keeps all the other neighbor cats out. No more strange cats in your house and no more supporting the neighbor cats with your cat's food supply. Only your cat can enter and exit. Not only does it save you money in unwasted food, it secures your home from marauding cats that may not be as nice to the inside of your house as your own cat. Works with FDX-B type microchips. Check it out.

Sunday 19 September 2010 - VPS Hosting in Europe <--click for more

If your business is based in Europe and you find yourself in need of VPS hosting, not just web hosting, you should check out VPS Hosting from EuroVPS. VPS hosting is more than just web hosting. It offers you a complete "virtual" environment where you can run programs, set up daily jobs to run in the background, or even set up automated software such as forex applications for trading the market while you're not there. Some places offer Linux-based VPS hosting and other places offer Windows-based VPS hosting. EuroVPS offers both, and their specialty is Cloud Hosting. Unfamiliar with cloud hosting? Visit their website for more details.

Sunday 19 September 2010 - LightPayDayLoans <--click for more

You ever have one of those situations where you're short on cash and you need to cover a few things before your next payday? Yeah, it happens. It's a situation that calls for something like a payday loan, and instead of finding a place around town, you can find one right on the Internet. There's a company called Light PayDay Loan that makes the process easy. Fill out one application, and they connect you with a number of payday lenders. Use the one with the best setup, and you'll cover your overage in no time.

Saturday 18 September 2010 - TinyMints Weight Loss Mint <--click for more

Always on the lookout for a better, faster method of losing weight, I'm trying a new product called tinymints that not only supresses your appetite but also gives you the much needed energy that you need when going through a tough dieting day. The ingredients are all natural and include things like Chocolate Extract, Green Tea, and Grape Skin. Expect real results in only 30 days using this new system. The great thing about it is, with tinymints, you won't have cravings for in-between meal snacks, which is one of the major deterrents to weight loss. You'll also start eating smaller portions because you'll feel full a lot faster. Plus, with the weight loss, you gain extra energy, so the feeling you have will spur you on to continue your weight loss plan. Try it without risk for 14 days and only pay $4.95 for shipping. I'm excited by it and hope to finally lose the weight I want to lose. I'll keep you up to date on my progress.

Friday 17 September 2010 - Woodworking Business Guide <--click for more

Have you ever given any thought to setting up a woodworking business? This really only applies to someone who is really interested in woodworking, be it making furniture or crafting toys and other cool things out of wood. If sanding and lathe work are your thing, then check out Woodworking Business Guide. It is full of tips for how to get set up with your own Woodworking Business. The site includes questions you should ask yourself before venturing into something like this, as well as a checklist of things you should be aware of before launching. If you love woodworking and you want to think about making it into a business, check out this website.

Friday 17 September 2010 - The Green Moving Box <--click for more

There's only one thing worse than having to help someone move, and that is helping someone else to move right afterwards. It must be my fate. I just recently helped my sister-in-law move from here to Texas, which meant packing up her one bedroom apartment. I really had no idea how much stuff could accumulate in a tiny one bedroom apartment over the course of 3 years. It was a lot, and finding boxes to pack everything up was a chore. And of course, there's the feeling guilty part, guilty that you're contributing to the clearcutting of the rainforest with each set of boxes you buy from the moving store or WalMart. OK, maybe they make some of the box from recycled material, but you can never know exactly how much. If only I had found The Green Moving Box company before all of this. They will rent you moving boxes made from 100% recycled plastic for your residential and office moves. And these are not cheesy boxes. They are extremely sturdy and easy to stack. They'll deliver the boxes 1 week before your move and then arrange to pick them up 1 week after you get to your destination. It's a great idea, and I really like the fact that their boxes can be reused 500 times before they can no longer be used. Have you ever tried reusing a cardboard box? Maybe twice and it starts falling apart. These really are green moving boxes and I heartily recommend them.

Thursday 16 September 2010 - Ultimate Sales Site <--click for more

Do you market on the Internet, or do you want to try your hand at marketing on the Internet? There are many ways to do it, and it can be confusing and overwhelming. What you need is a site that puts it all together for you. That's what Ultimate Sales Site does for you. This is a fast, affordable way to get a small business website designed to build a prospect list and generate leads. Their product includes everything you need, not only to get started, but to get the whole job done. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee plus 5 bonuses. And if you order by 9/30/10, you save $50. Act soon!

Thursday 16 September 2010 - Pink Guitars <--click for more

I went to my local Guitar Center the other day to pick up some strings for my old Epiphone acoustic guitar. It had been a while since I last ventured into a music store, so I was surprised at how flashy instruments had become. As a matter of fact, they were really trying to go beyond the plain, with lines of guitars in different shades and different shapes. It was kind of amazing. And then I found this web site called Pink Guitars that offered nothing but, you guessed it, pink guitars. We're talking electric guitars, acoustic guitars, guitars for children, and even guitar accessories. Yeah, it's a niche, but it might actually be a really big niche. After all, have you seen how many products are located in the "pink" aisle at your local Target store? You know which aisle I mean. It's the one with all the Barbie and Barbie-like products. There's a definite market out there, and I think this site has found it.

Thursday 16 September 2010 - Toy of the Decade? <--click for more

Check out Toy of The Decade. It promises to tell you about the most amazing toy that's debuting on September 30th. It doesn't tell you much, but it gives a few clues, and if you are the least bit curious (and you know you are), you'll want to visit the web site. They offer clues that are available from Twitter and FaceBook, and they even have clues on the web site. Wow, a toy that will have an impact on climate change? How cool is that? Personally, I hope it's not the next Pet Rock or Breeding Sand. My guess is it's something that's very cool and maybe retro, something that you or maybe even your kids will want to play with all the time. You know you're curious, so go check them out!

Monday 13 September 2010 - Elite eBook Design <--click for more

Planning on writing an eBook? If so, you need to give some thought to the cover. There's that old adage that a book is judged by its cover. This is especially true in the electronic world, where people try to get an impression of your book simply by gazing at its cover on some website. What you present to them is important, so a good looking eBook Design is essential. It needs to evoke professionalism and give the reader a good sense of what the book is about. You've spent a good chunk of time writing a book, so don't skimp on the cover. Make it really good. Make it as good as the contents of your book. Elite eBook Design will deliver you the design your book truly deserves.

Monday 13 September 2010 - Hugo de Figueredo <--click for more

My friend in the UK is looking for a new designer to help him revamp his website. He found Hugo de Figueredo, a designer in Switzerland. He wanted me to tell him what I thought. I took a look at the website and the first thing that caught my eye was the wide variety of work he has done. He deals with XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and more. And the websites he's done already are quite impressive. He speaks French, English, and Portuguese, so communication is not a problem. I told my friend that if his rates were decent, Hugo looks like a really good designer that I myself would use. I would rate him a really good choice for any web work, as his eye for design is sharp.

Sunday 12 September 2010 - Fisher-Price Learning Toys <--click for more

Remember the toys from your childhood? I still remember some of mine. I got a lot of junk when I was a kid, but I also got some toys that endured the test of time. You know the ones I mean. They were the ones that you went back to after you tired of the new ones you just got. More likely than not, the name of the toy would be Fisher-Price. That's because they know how to make toys that kids really want to play with. Child Learning Toys not only exercise the body, they also exercise the mind. They give kids a reason to play that becomes exciting and fun. They don't just follow the movie lines from their favorite tv characters. They actually interact with the toys, which in many cases, have no television or movie tie-in. Check out the toys on the Fisher-Price Learning Toys website. Maybe you'll see some blasts from the past. And if you wonder why they've lasted this long, well maybe because they're good toys.

Sunday 12 September 2010 - Tablet PC and EBook Reader News <--click for more

Curious as to whether the iPad from Apple has any serious competition yet, I recently discovered a new web site with some of the latest and greatest information regarding new tablet pc products coming out or that have just been recently released. There's a news section, rumours section, and general information about most of the currently available tablet pc's and ebook readers out there. If you are looking for a site devoted to these cool little gadgets and wondering what to spend your hard earned cash on, tabletboom is the site you're looking for.

Friday 10 September 2010 - Ultra Easy Wealth <--click for more

Want to make $5,000 to $10,000 per month in only 20 to 30 minutes a day? Check out Ultra Easy Wealth. It works fairly simple. Sign up and you get access to some great products that can help you with health and fitness, children and parenting, real estate, credit secrets, cooking and recipes, home and garden. It looks like a really easy product to sell, as the library of resources you get keeps growing. We're talking some great products here. It's called the Power Pack Library. You get access to it all by being a member. Sign up people below you, and make some serious cash here. They've already done everything for you. Spend a half an hour working your new business each day and within eight short weeks, you could be making $5,000 to $10,000 each and every month. And you need zero experience to do this. They help you through the whole process. Check it out.

Tuesday 7 September 2010 - Medical Spa MD <--click for more

Medical Spa is an active community of plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, aesthetic physicians, laser clinics, skin clinics, and med spas. If you are interested in any of these, there are plenty of useful articles and information. Over 4,000 medical members can be found, and more than 50,000 people visit the website every month. Joining Medical Spa MD is absolutely free, and you will have access to exclusive information, forums, and content simply not available to non-members. Maybe you are researching a particular procedure or aspect of medicine, such as laser clinics, or perhaps you are looking for a way to promote your own clinic. In either case, it's definitely worth checking this site out.

Monday 6 September 2010 - Everett Day Spas <--click for more

If you live in Everett, Washington, or are planning on visiting in the near future, and you find yourself looking for a day spa, there is a new directory of day spas in that area of the country. Visit Everett Day Spa for a listing of all the day spas in the area. It's an alphabetical list and will get updated as new day spas come along.

Monday 6 September 2010 - Free Articles Directory <--click for more

They say that one of the best ways to promote your site is to have really good content. One of the ways to have really good content is to have relevant articles on your website, but writing articles is time-consuming and also takes basic writing skills. Not all of us are blessed with the ability to write cool articles, so where can one turn? There are plenty of places on the Internet where you can get free articles, and one I've just discovered is a site called Play It Forward, a free articles site where you can submit your own articles or use the articles that have already been published. Articles are available in many different categories and the site includes reviews, how-to's, guides, etc. If you are looking for content, you will probably find it here. A tag cloud shows you the current popular keywords, and there's a list of the latest 50 articles on the main page of the site. Right below the list of these latest 50 articles is a list of the active categories, everything from Business to Wedding Receptions. Check out the available articles. You'll probably find exactly what you're looking for in order to round out the content of your latest website.

Monday 6 September 2010 - Learning Modern Meditation <--click for more

It seems like we live in a time where our days become more and more stressful, no matter what we try. Welcome to the modern era. No matter what we do, it just feels like there too big of a load to deal with and no matter how much we think we're whittling down the list of things that need to get done, the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. What ever happened to being able to simply stop and smell the roses? Can that kind of feeling even apply anymore? Of course it can. No matter what life hands you, if you don't watch yourself, you're going to burn out and not be any good to anyone. Meditation might help you in times like this. There's a great website that teaches you how to meditate in a very practical manner. It's called Learning Modern Meditation and was developed by Mike Skinner, whose picture you see above. The techniques used are easy, well written, and absolutely free. No need to take months of exclusive time to learn any of this. Fit it right into your busy modern lifestyle. And one of the really nice parts of the site is the ability to contribute your own web pages which can then get published on the site. Share your experiences or techniques with others. And if you'd like to go even further, enjoy the book reviews and input from other readers.

Sunday 5 September 2010 - Save money getting deals <--click for more

Save money getting deals and make money selling discounts? That's the point of this website with its handpicked deals, coupons, and discounts to help you save money. With more than 25 categories to choose from, you'll be sure to find some cool deals. They range from categories such as Art, Computers, Music, Restaurants, Travel, and much more. Each category is further split into many subcategories. Keep clicking to find exactly the kind of deal you're looking for. So, how does it work? eDelve brings together online bargain shoppers looking for specific, often unique discounts, and users who can provide those discounts for finders' fees. It's an online deal exchange place, where buyers are able to purchase desired products or services at lower prices, since the finders fees paid are significantly less that the resulting savings. Sellers benefit by collecting finders' fees for finding the discounts and making them available to sellers, or for providing information on where particular discounts can be found. So, if you like the idea of helping others find a great deal, you can make a nice side income here.

Saturday 4 September 2010 - Fetch Every Episode of Every Show You Want <--click for more

StreamWP is a great tool if you have a wordpress website or know how to set one up. Basically, it will fetch every episode of every show you want. No more searching over a multitude of websites to find what you want. Better yet, it comes with tools to promote your website so that you get visitors from all over, thousands per day if that's what you are looking for. And it work automatically in the background. If you've heard of auto-blogging, this is it for video content. Best of all, the basic version of StreamWP is absolutely free. You can try it out and see if it meets your needs. If you want more, there are a bunch of add-ons you can buy that gives StreamWP even more functionality. If you have a wordpress site, or know how to set one up, you really should give this product a try. Who knows? Maybe you can monetize your site and make a few bucks along the way.

Saturday 4 September 2010 - Cloud Hosting <--click for more

Need Windows-based web hosting? Why not try cloud hosting. Cloud is the big buzzword these days. Everything is in the cloud. What exactly is cloud hosting? Ask 10 people and you might get 10 different answers. Basically, it's virtual hosting that exists in a cloud composed of many different servers. The hosting exists in the cloud and not on a specific server. This gives you the redundancy you need plus the ability to scale your needs up or down depending on circumstance. If you need more resources, they can be dynamically added. Need more RAM or CPU or hard disk space? No problem. Cloud Hosting gives you the flexibility and power to take on any hosting project no matter how big it grows, and Pay Per Cloud is a great choice if you are looking for Windows-based Cloud Computing.

Friday 3 September 2010 - Lil Wayne Posters <--click for more

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you know who Lil Wayne is. That's the stage name for Dwayne Michael Carter. He was born in New Orleans, LA and was a truly gifted performer who went on to sell millions of records as a rap star. Interestingly, he cited the rock band Nirvana as one of his major influences. There's a site that specializes in selling Lil Wayne Posters and you can find some pretty great deals there. Check it out. An interesting tidbit: He doesn't go by the name Dwayne because that's the name of his dad, and since they have no relationship, he didn't want to give him any credit, so he dropped the 'd'.

Friday 3 September 2010 - Best Speech Topics <--click for more

Let's say you have to give a speech next week. Let's also say that it's for a class assignment. Finally, let's say that you have absolutely no clue about the subject matter of the speech. Where do you turn? If you are looking for sample speech topics, you can't go wrong with the This Speech Topics Website. Not only will it give you ideas for what you should talk about, it also gives tips on how to deal with anxiety, fears, and how you can rid yourself of public speaking phobias. Let's face it, most of us aren't born speakers. It's a skill that needs to be learned and honed. This site gives you a lot of tools that will help you become better at writing a decent speech and delivering it in a way that is powerful and persuasive.

Thursday 2 September 2010 - Butterscotch Blankees <--click for more

Someone you know going to have a baby soon? Maybe there's that baby shower you're supposed to attend in a couple of months. Still wondering what you should get as a present? How about a personalized blanket! Baby Stroller Blankets are all the rage, and a personalized one from Butterscotch Blankees would fit the bill quite nicely. You can get them designed with a name and symbol, maybe a monogramme, or even a graphic of something you really hope the kid will be holding when he grows up, like a football or baseball bat. It's really a unique gift and will really stand out from the humdrum crowd of gifts you usually see at a baby shower. Maybe you have your own baby on its way. Why not commemorate the event with one of these personalized creations? All are hand-made and really beautiful. The company also offers throws and custom pillows.

Thursday 2 September 2010 - New York Computer Consulting <--click for more

If you have a heavy construction company, medical practice, or professional service company, and you are based in the New York Metropolitan area, you need to find a good source for New York Computer Consulting. You don't need a national company or an international company. You need a company that knows your area, your specialties, and exactly what it takes to run the IT part of your business. Zbrella is one such company. They offer computer consulting in the New York City metropolitan area. Zbrella focuses on data backup, electronic medical records, EMR systems, and computer systems for heavy construction companies and construction job sites. Many companies are now outsourcing their IT needs. It's sometimes too difficult to keep up with how quickly things change, and maintaining a full-time person to work on it may not be cost-effective. Consider an IT consulting company when IT support becomes a burden and takes away from the main goal of your company, which is to provide an excellent experience for your customers.

Thursday 2 September 2010 - Portfolio Solutions <--click for more

Know you need to start thinking about investing for your future but don't know exactly where to start? Treading the murky waters of investment options is risky business. No one wants to be another Bernie Madoff victim. Besides yourself, who can you really trust? How about a company that doesn't promise inflated claims and actually delivers the goods? What you need is a really good investment advisor. Portfolio Solutions is a low fee investment advisor that follows a tight fisted, low fee, low cost strategy to keep money invested. Portfolio solutions aims to capture market returns at the lowest possible cost. What that means to you is, solid returns and little risk. The financial market may take years to completely recover. And many companies will come and go. What you need is a company that's been through the roughest part of the financial downturn and not only survived, but survived well. This is one of those companies.

Thursday 2 September 2010 - EMR Electronic Medical Records Software <--click for more

We live in the 21st century. At least, that's what I thought last time I checked. However, there appears to be a lot of the world that is still living in a part of the dark ages where businesses or organizations still exchange information the old fashioned way - by carrier pigeon. What happened to the great paperless society we were supposed to find ourselves in? If you ask me, I think we generate more paper today than ever before. EMR Software, powered by Microsoft Office and provided by Glostream, is trying to change that, at least for the medical profession. I find it kind of odd that for a lot of medical practices, there is no clearcut solution for exchanging information. EMR systems are now mandated by the federal government, who is providing stimulus incentive money for doctors to adopt EMR systems. So, really, there is no excuse for your doctor or any doctor to adopt new technology and start living in the 21st century with you. Maybe they won't go back to making housecalls, but at least they'll be able to have quick access to your records and know exactly what they are doing without looking for a manila folder that may or may not have that latest test result.

Wednesday 1 September 2010 - Direct Response Television <--click for more

Who do you think of when you hear the phrase "or your money back". It was coined by the advent of something called Direct Response Television, and one of the pioneers in this industry was Aivin Eicoff. It was partly because of him that the 800 number came into being. And his company is still around and doing great, the leading DRTV Agency in the business. Some of their major clients include Cisco, New York Life, Quicken Loans, and Walgreens. Want to see some of their spots? Click on the our work button, and you'll see examples for Cetaphil, Lumber Liquidators, and more. And if you want to learn about the power of direct response television, check out their DRTV Quiz to gain some interesting knowledge of DRTV.

Tuesday 31 August 2010 - Salvia Divinorum <--click for more

Salvia Divinorum is a plant that grows mostly in the Mazateca region of Mexico. Usually smoked, chewed, or brewed, its main purpose is to give its user an altered state of consciousness. In other words, you trip on it. Unlike marijuana, which is illegal in almost all parts of the USA, Salvia Divinorum is legal most places. There are 13 states in the US that prohibit its use, but that means that it's mostly fine to use in the other states. Like alcohol, the effects of this plant should only be experienced in a safe place, such as your home. Definitely do not drive or do anything dangerous. Like most drugs, the trips you can take differ based on the quantity and potency you use. If you would like to learn more about it, visit the Salvia Divinorum Information website.

Monday 30 August 2010 - Gift Ideas to Un-Stump Your Brain <--click for more

Ever get stuck figuring out what to give a special someone? It can be frustrating. Some people have everything they want and refuse to give you an idea of what you could get them. Some even claim they don't want you to buy them a thing, and then they get that hurt look when you say "OK". If you're ever wondering what to give someone who is difficult to shop for, there's a site that will give you unique gift ideas. This helpful blog will exercise your brain and come up with great ideas for everyone on your list. And the ideas are greatly unique, such as jewelry made from recycled skateboards. Now, would you come up with that one yourself?

Sunday 29 August 2010 - GiveSimple <--click for more

Looking for a gift for that special someone? You've heard the adage that the best gifts come in small packages. How about the adage that simplicity is elegant? GiveSimple is an online store that sticks to the second adage. You can find great gift ideas here. They list gifts by occasion, purpose, and even price range. Need something for a bridal shower or for the new mom? Or how about a graduation present? You've got handbags, candles, kitchen items, gifts for men, and even jewelry. No matter who you're shopping for, you'll find something perfect for them here.

Friday 27 August 2010 - The Blog of Brendan Pickering <--click for more

I've just started twittering. You know, Twitter, that social web thing that everyone seems to be using these days? There are lot of interesting people on there, twittering away their lives, or least doing their best to describe what's happening in their lives in what appears to be real-time. How it works is, you try to find people that have interests that you like or write about stuff you like or maybe have the same gripes as you do. Then, you follow them so you can see what they write about all day. I've found a few interesting people so far. One is Brendan Pickering. You can visit his twitter page Here. Like me, he likes entrepreneurship and coca-cola. Unlike me, he likes baseball. Like me, he's been in the USA and Canada. Unlike me, he's been to India. And also unlike me, he has 70 followers and I have 2. And I'm not quite sure how I got those 2. Brendan's tweets are interesting, so I've become one of his followers, which means I get a tweet everytime he writes something. Sounds kind of strange doesn't it? If you don't know twitter, it almost sounds fanatical. But you know what? Sometimes the tweets from people are way more interesting than any soap opera you can watch on tv, and maybe you'll learn something. Like that Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek TNG) is one of his followers. How cool is that?

Friday 27 August 2010 - Internet Sales Made Easy <--click for more

If you're like me, you are constantly trying to figure out ways to make money on the Internet. Some ideas work right out of the box, while other ideas take time to get going. Then there are the ones that never get off the ground. Most of them. What can you do to be more successful selling stuff on the Internet? You need to find good and useful information on what works and what doesn't. One great place with just such information is Colin F Brennan's site with Free Internet Marketing Tutorials. The articles are well-written, and you really can learn a lot about this subject. Some recent topics are viral marketing, blogging, and google adsense. Check it out if you're looking for ways to jumpstart your marketing efforts.

Thursday 26 August 2010 - Conquer Sugar Cravings <--click for more

If you are suffering from sugar addiction, you should check out Conquer Sugar Cravings. This plan is not about banishing sugar from your diet. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of varieties of sugar found in our food, and not all of them are bad. The sugars found in things like fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice, and whole grains provide vital nutrients and energy that everyone needs to grow and stay healthy.

This plan is about getting rid of the unhealthy sugars like the ones that are killing you - the ones that keep you from having the energy to care for your family, or even to stay awake after dinner. Things like table sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and the highly refined carbohydrates you find in white bread and pasta.

Thursday 26 August 2010 - Budapest, Hungary <--click for more

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. It is also its largest city with a population a little over 1.7 million people. It is certainly a big enough city to have a lot going on in it. So, how do you find the jewels of information regarding Budapest? On of the nice ways of doing it is checking the BudapestZIN website. It's updated frequently and gives you a good glimpse of life in Budapest. For example, there is a really nice article about the Cafe New York, which some consider one of the most beautiful cafes in the world. And if you check out the pictures, you'll understand why. Here's an example:

For another example, check out the pictures of the Sugar! Shop with its candy-themed decor. It proves that Budapest is not just about beautiful old buildings but also about fun and new styles. In all, the website is well-designed and a pleasure to read through.

Wednesday 25 August 2010 - Energy Saving Tips <--click for more

Who doesn't want to save money on home utility bills. Ask 50 people that question, and unless there's dead people in the room, you're going to get 50 people answering yes. If you're not one of the dead people, then visit Energy Saving House Tips right now, and see how you can slash your home utility bill in half in just 7 days. Sounds hard to believe doesn't it? Well, visit the site and see for yourself.

Tuesday 24 August 2010 - Everything for your Blackberry <--click for more

Do you own a Blackberry PDA? Need accessories? No matter what you are looking for, even if it's an entirely new phone, you can't go wrong with Everything 4 Blackberry. They've got just about every accessory you would ever need, including chargers, cables, keypads, cases, extra batteries, and much more. If you need blackberry accessories, visit this website.

Tuesday 24 August 2010 - Duvet Covers <--click for more

Winter is coming. I know it's still a ways away, but it is coming. Right now, it's about 100 degrees outside right now here in Sacramento, but it does get cold when the heat leaves and December enters the picture. If you're looking for something to keep you warm at night, consider a duvet. What is a duvet? Well, it's just another way of saying comforter. A duvet is usually stuffed with down (bird feathers), which insulates really well. With a proper duvet, there's no getting cold at night and very little need to put on layers upon layers of blankets. To keep a duvet clean, you should use a duvet cover. They keep your duvet clean and act as a barrier between you and possible allergens in the duvet itself. And it is much easier to wash or replace a duvet cover. For more information on duvet covers, visit this helpful website.

Tuesday 24 August 2010 - Cool Kids Rooms <--click for more

When I was growing up, I had my own room, and I had dreams of decorating it like the inside of a treehouse, complete with wooden walls and vines hanging off of them. Of course, my mom did not appreciate my thoughts on the matter, and I got racecar wallpaper instead. Oh, well. Times have changed and now having a treehouse motif doesn't sound all that crazy. As a matter of fact, having a really cool room is a dream that may actually come true for kids these days. Check out Cool Kids Rooms for ideas on what is possible. The site has some really great ideas for decorating kids rooms, no matter the age range and no matter if it's a boy or girl, or even an infant or toddler. They have lots of photographs of sample rooms and suggestions for choosing colors, wall designs, and how to decorate windows. If you want ideas for decorating a kids room, this is a site you have to visit.

Monday 23 August 2010 - SmartSmoker <--click for more

Have you heard of the electronic cigarette? It's a device that looks like a real cigarette. You can inhale and get a buzz from the nicotine cartridge. You can even blow "smoke rings". It looks and feels just like the real thing. But it's a lot cleaner. It doesn't create real smoke, and what you inhale is a rather safe vapor that doesn't do the damage smoke from real cigarettes can cause. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for a way to kick the cigarette habit, these electronic cigarettes may be just what you are looking for. You get the nicotine delivery without the downsides of a real cigarette. Also, they are legal to use in places that cigarettes aren't allowed, such as bars, restaurants, etc. Want the plain tobacco taste? Not a problem. How about menthol? You can get a cartridge for that as well. Each cartridge lasts the equivalent of 10 to 15 cigarettes, and a pack of 10 cartridges is $18, so it's even less expensive than smoking real cigarettes. I used to smoke when I was younger, and I recently tried one of these electronic cigarettes, and you know what? It gives you all the pleasure of smoking without any of the nasty side-effects. If you're looking for a better alternative to real cigarettes, you've got a real option here.

Monday 23 August 2010 - VideoWhisper <--click for more

Looking for a way to broadcast your video event without the need for tons of server software and lots of installation time? How about something that is 100% web-based and requires no software installation at all. That's what gives you. It provides flash video plugins for streaming live video. You can use it for video conferencing, video collaborations, and much more. If you have a need to communicate real-time with customers, vendors, associates, or even investors who might be interested in what you have to offer, VideoWhisper is a great tool. No one needs to download software in order to get in on the conversations. The web site even offers completely free versions of the software that you can try, including editions already integrated with popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Give it a try and see what you think.

Sunday 22 August 2010 - Turks and Caicos Islands <--click for more

I probably mentioned earlier that one of my coworkers is going to a wedding in another state. Offhand, I asked him if the bride and groom are going on a honeymoon, and he said yes, to a place called Turks and Caicos Islands. Huh? I've never heard of it. Where is it exactly, I asked him. He didn't have a clue, either. So, I looked it up on Google Maps:

View Larger Map

Scrolling out in Google Maps, I saw that it was due north of Haiti. OK. Cool, I thought. Sounds like a really nice place to go for a honeymoon. Especially after I read all about it here. Sounds like a perfect place to take a Caribbean Vacation. Take a look at this Picture Blog for some great pictures, and some nice insight on island life. I'm seriously thinking about a vacation there myself. It sounds too good to pass up.

Saturday 21 August 2010 - Sharing PowerPoint Presentations <--click for more

My son, the PowerPoint master just got off the phone with the lead on his latest project. They need to share that nifty PowerPoint presentation he just created with someone who doesn't have PowerPoint. And they need to do it tonight. OK, time for, a free site for uploading, viewing, and sharing PowerPoint presentations. Check out this cool presentation for an example of a PowerPoint show that is being shared right now.

Saturday 21 August 2010 - Templates for PowerPoint <--click for more

My son is doing a project for work which requires a presentation. He has access to Microsoft PowerPoint, so that part of the problem is solved. The issue now is finding decent templates to use for his presentation. This wasn't a problem for him, as he finds things quite easily on the Internet, easier than me. He showed me a website with Royalty-free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds that worked quite nicely for him. I look and saw that they have over 20,000 templates to choose from, in a wide variety of categories from Animals to Technology and a whole lot in between. Need a template that covers handshakes? They got it. How about different holidays? They got those, too. If you need to liven up your presentations, this is a really great place to go for templates. It's only $99/year to dowload as many templates as you want. There's even a custom template option. And they have a template finder you can download for free to use to find the exact template you are looking for.

Saturday 21 August 2010 - Bonsai Fun <--click for more

I don't have a green thumb. As a matter of fact, I'd say my thumb was a shade of gray with a blotch of brown thrown in for good measure. Because of this, I've never been very good at growing plants. Not that I haven't tried. I gave it the college try in my school days, but I ended up throwing out just about every plant I bought. One thing that always fascinated me was bonsai. It was like having a miniature version of your favorite tree right on your desktop. And I'm not talking about screensavers. Check out Bonsai Gardening Secrets to get an idea of how cool it can be. This site claims to have the secrets of growing bonsai with very little effort. I'm all for very little effort.

Saturday - 21 August 2010 - Wedding Favors <--click for more

My co-worker is going out of state to another wedding. All of his friends have been getting married. I guess it's that time of life for them, all twenty-somethings. I've been married for 20 years now, and the last wedding I went to was a few years back. I remembered they had some pretty cool wedding favors for all the guests. When I asked about them, I found out they were all hand-made by the bride's mom. Wow. That must have taken a lot of effort, but they really added a nice personal touch to the celebration.

If you are helping anyone with an upcoming wedding, or you have your own wedding to worry about, and you'd like to consider making some wedding favors for your guests, check this homemade wedding favors website.

Friday 20 August 2010 - Recycling Made Painless <--click for more

I've never been very good at recycling. And I kind of resent the fact that my trash company charges me to recycle things. Shouldn't I get money for things I recycle? Or, shouldn't it at least be free? I found a really cool site online called ecycler. It basically connects discarders with collectors. If you have stuff to give away, you are a discarder. If you want to collect stuff, you are a collector. Makes sense, right? Instead of giving your recyclable items to the trash company, who charges you for the privilege, why not give them away to someone who can then turn in the recyclables for some extra cash. It's a win-win situation. You get your stuff taken away for free, and someone else benefits from it. What's not to like about this scenario?

Friday 20 August 2010 - SEO Services <--click for more

So, my only problem is, I don't have any time. I have so little time, it's not even funny. I want to do some SEO on my websites, and I'd like to learn how to do it myself, but I just haven't got enough free time in the day. I asked around, and I got a few places I could try that offers SEO services, so now I am checking out these seo packages. This company, SKG Technologies, offers three basic packages to choose from. The nice thing about their services is, they tell you exactly what they are going to do, and it appears to cover all bases. They clean up your on-page SEO by making sure you have sitemaps, a valid robots.txt file, etc. Then, they do off-page SEO by submitting your site to different directories and writing articles based on the content on your site and submitting them to various article submission sites. They even rewrite the articles for each site, so they appear different in the eyes of google and other search engines. Yes, you could do all of these things yourself, if you have the time. But a quote on their website pretty much sums it up: "One rule of action more important than all others consists in never doing any that someone else can do for you." And that, my friends, was from former US president Calvin Coolidge. So, yes, I want to give them all of my SEO-related work, so I don't have to deal with it.

Friday 20 August 2010 - Inside Greg's Mind <--click for more

I've got several sites set up right now that I'm trying to make money with. Whether it be by posting other people's advertisements or by trying to persuade people to try and/or buy a product, you can't get much done without having visits to your site. How do you get visits? One of the buzzwords today is SEO. OK, maybe it's not an actual word. It's an acronym that stands for search engine optimization. It's the art of making your site score visits from people all over the Internet. And, I just found a great place with all sorts of information on SEO. It's called Inside Greg's Mind and has loads of valuable information on not only how to get listed on search engines but also get bumped up to position number one for the keywords you want to target. I've signed up for the newsletter, which looks like it's going to be providing lots of cool insights. And I'm in the process of going over all the tips, tricks, and techniques on the website. It's definitely already come in handy, and I've learned a few things that I didn't know before. Also, I should be getting a free ebook shortly, which I am really looking forward to reading.

Friday 20 August 2010 - Social Steals <--click for more

I'm always looking for a good bargain. How does up to 80% off sound? Certainly sounds good to me. There is a site called that offers just that. It doesn't cost anything. Just sign up with your email address and zip code, and you'll be delivered new deals all the time. You get offers like discounts at restaurants, bars, places that feature various activities, you name it. The deals change daily, and the site is rapidly expanding. It's worth a visit every day to see what new deals will be featured. It's like a box of chocolates: you just never know what you are going to get each day!

Thursday 19 August 2010 - Pop Up Campers <--click for more

When I was younger, so much younger than today, my dad told me about an opportunity I wish I had taken advantage of. The government was giving away land. All you had to do was homestead it for a period of time. I forget exactly what the requirements were, but it sounded like a great idea. Settle on some land and make a go of it. He had an idea of getting a decent car and a trailer of some kind and roughing it. We went to a boat and rv show and he showed me exactly what he thought would work. It was a pop up camper that you could attach to the back of your vehicle. As soon as you got to where you wanted to hang out, you magically expanded the camper, and it turned into something that you could actually sleep in, dine in, etc. Had I really listened to him, I'd probably be the proud of owner of about 40 acres of land somewhere in Montana or Alaska...

I recently found a site that talks about the pop up camper phenomenon in great detail. You can view it at Pop-Up-ing. If you've ever wanted to know all about the lifestyle surrounding this type of camping or living, it's a great site with lots of valuable information. You can find stories that have been submitted by other readers about their own experiences. Do you have a story to share? You can post it and have your viewpoint available for all to see.

Thursday 19 August 2010 - I Dropped My Apple <--click for more

Hey, looking for a bit of fun? Check out I Dropped My Apple. It's a website featuring a collection of horror stories from people who have dropped their Apple products, such as iPhones, iPods, and such. It includes a nice articles section with helpful information on such things as how to repair a cracked screen on an iPhone. It even includes tips for non Apple products, such as the Zune. I don't have an iPod myself, but my son let his mp3 player slip out of his pocket and into the toilet when he leaned over too far, so I can relate to some of the stories on this website.

Thursday 19 August 2010 - The Vintage Revolution <--click for more

My nephew from Seattle is coming to visit my older boys today. Last time he was here, he was wearing one of those sherpa hats, and I'm kind of wondering what he's going to be wearing this time. He likes retro clothing, and I guess I don't really blame him because a lot of it is very comfortable and easy to wear. Check out the collection of scene clothing from The Vintage Revolution. When my older boys tell me that someone is "so emo" I now kinda get what they mean. I used to wear military fatigues when I was their age, so I guess we all have styles and trends we go through...

Thursday 19 August 2010 - Office Space in Bracknell <--click for more

My friend Darren has a web hosting company in the UK. Although he lives in Essex, his servers are located in London. He's been deliberating over an expansion possibility and has looked at office space in and around London. It would mean a move there for him, but it would be much more convenient since he would be closer to the servers he manages. He's been looking at offices in Bracknell, which is conveniently located near Heathrow Airport. It also features regular train service to London. He wanted me to take a look at their website, which I did. It's amazingly slick, with animated maps and very nice nagivation. The presentation makes this business park look not only attractive but desirable. They have some heavy-duty companies there already, including Novell and Braodcom. What better place to hobnob with the Internet elite and maybe score a few new customers...

Wednesday 18 August 2010 - Whites Premium Dog Food <--click for more

Whites Premium Dog Food is gluten free, hypoallergenic and only uses human-grade fresh meat and fish and does not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. Whites Premium Dog Food is a complete super premium dry dog food, made from natural ingredients, offering convenience without compromise and providing all the goodness your dog requires. If you are in the UK and are looking for a good source of dog food, check them out.

Wednesday 18 August 2010 - Home with a Range <--click for more

My mom just got one of those old-fashioned ranges to replace her existing one. She bought it at a garage sale and spent several afternoons cleaning it up. It's kind of beautiful. Like something out of a 50s movie. However, she needs to get a new range hood for it. Of course, she wanted me to do the research on range hoods, so I complied. And I found this website on range hoods. The ones they have there are very nice looking. I'm just going to have to browse and see if I can find one that matches her existing kitchen decor, and also her budget.

Tuesday 17 August 2010 - Make Free Invitations <--click for more

My daughter wants to have a party and invite her friends over before school starts. The last time she printed out invitations, she used a website that created them with prodigious use of pink, and it sucked the ink dry out of our printer. I told her that if she wanted to do invites again, she would have to talk to me first. So, she talked to me and I had to find a better site than the princess site she was using, so after investigating for a while, I found a site that features free invitations to print or email. There are a bunch of categories to choose from, and she immediately found the one called "Children Party" and was downloading a pdf file and printing out invitations in no time. I took my own look at the site and couldn't believe how many different types of free templates were available. Sometimes, the best things in life are really free.

Monday 16 August 2010 - Digital Photography <--click for more

I'm trying to get back into photography. In my younger days, I used to shoot roll after roll of film and even develop it myself. Nowadays, you can shoot as many pictures as you want, and it doesn't cost you a dime in film or developing chemicals or paper. Well, maybe paper and ink if you want to print them out. But if you just display them on your web site, you can really do it for very little cost. I have a digital camera. It's one of those Nikon Coolpix models. It works fine, but I just don't use it much. To get me motivated, I did a quick search for a website that catered to digital photography and found a really nice one called Digital Photography Tricks. It was done by someone who really wants to share his tricks and techniques for taking really good digital shots. Lots of example of photographic techniques are given, including some really nice resulting images. If you're interested in photography, give this site a look.

Monday 16 August 2010 - Poster Art on the Cheap <--click for more

cheap poster

My little kids are in the process of redecorating their room. Right now, the walls are bare and in need of something. Looking online, I found a bunch of poster sites, some of them with unbelievably low-priced posters. Can you really trust something that only costs $1? I kept searching. I didn't mind paying extra, but I wanted to make sure the product had quality. I finally came across a very nice cheap posters store with reasonable prices and what looks like very good quality posters. The prices go anywhere from $5 (with rebates) to $15, but they are not cheap prints that will fade within a year. They even sell movies and have a clearance corner where you can buy things for up to 80% off. Check them out!

Sunday 15 August 2010 - Just Desserts <--click for more

I'm not an especially great dessert maker. My wife has some great recipes for desserts that got passed down from her side of the family, including some very luscious Italian pastries and some downhome recipes most likely concocted by some ancestor not too long ago. As for my side, I didn't get much of anything passed down. However, I just discovered a great site with dessert recipes that you can try out. They've got recipes for everything from cake to biscotti to mousse and brownies. Looking for a perfect cookie recipe? Have guests coming over next week? Find a great fudge recipe. The list is almost endless. I hope you have as much fun with this site as I did.

Sunday 15 August 2010 - Great Christmas Presents <--click for more

It's never too early to start planning for Christmas. Ever had problems trying to think of just the right present for some people on your list? Wouldn't it be great if there were a site that had present suggestions categorized by gender, age, and maybe even pocketbook? Well, look no more. Great Christmas Presents is just such a site. You can find tons of ideas for absolutely everyone on your list, plus maybe some great ideas for yourself... You'll find the top gift ideas for 2010, and the categories include presents for children, teenagers, men, and women. What a great idea.

Saturday 14 August 2010 - Palm Springs California Real Estate <--click for more

My mom has a friend whose mom lives in Palm Springs. She is thinking of moving to Palm Springs to be near her own mom, so since I am always considered the Internet expert in the family, I was asked to find a real estate agent in the Palm Springs area. So, I did. And believe you me, there are plenty of agents there, as it still appears to be a good market, even in this current climate. After much research, I came across Karen Stearns who makes her living selling Palm Springs California Real Estate. We're talking about houses that are over a half million dollars. She's been in the business over 25 years and sells everything from condos to luxury homes. My mom's friend is looking for a condo, so I'm going to put her in touch if she's serious about moving there.

Saturday 14 August 2010 - Cakes, cakes, and more cakes <--click for more

Do you like cakes? I certainly like cakes. I'm not a big fan of heavily frosted cakes, but I do like the insides. I can't make up my mind whether I like the insides with cream or fruit between the layers. They're both so good! If you want to check out a website with all sorts of cakes, including wedding cakes and cakes of unusual design, you've got to check out The Cake Channel. I don't think I've seen so many cakes in one place before. And I never knew you could top your cake with some of the things they are suggesting. How about a gazebo, or your favorite type of pet (not the real kind but some sort of miniature porcelain facsimile). Or, maybe you'd like to put a castle on the top of your cake. The possibilities are endless. There are photo galleries, access to design videos, and much more. You can even submit pictures of your own cakes. This is a great place to get an idea for a cake you need for a special event.

Saturday 14 August 2010 - Buying a laptop for yourself or your family <--click for more

As some of you already know, I'm in the process of researching a new laptop for myself. My old Apple iBook G3 is in its last minutes of life, and I need to replace it soon. I don't really want to replace it with another Apple, as I just don't have that kind of money, so I'm willing to buy a Windows-based one. To help me with my research, I found a place called Laptop Computers Wiz. It's a really nice site, as it has unbiased, brand independent reviews. They don't favor a particular manufacturer over another. You'll find dozens of pages of information on everything from whta type of laptop is best for your needs to how much you should spend based on your need level. Do you need something right now? They recommend going out and buying the cheapest laptop you can find. But if you have a bit more flexibility, they go through the ins and outs of how to make your decision.

Saturday 14 August 2010 - SalsaBootCamp <--click for more

My wife has been wanting me to take her dancing. Um, I'm not the greatest dancer. Actually, I think the last time we really danced was at our wedding over 20 years ago. She wants to do something like square dancing or line dancing or maybe even salsa. Ok, I said. I'll look into it. After browsing the web, I came up with dance lessons you can do in the privacy of your own home. I figure, if I practice at home, I'll look less like a fool when we actually do go out dancing. So, now I'm committed to taking salsa lessons and bringing her out on a dancing date. My next step will be to find a place to show off my moves. And you know what? I'm kind of actually looking forward to it!

Friday 13 August 2010 - Ultimate Frisbee Videos <--click for more

When I was younger, I played frisbee a lot. We lived near a huge park with a lot of space, and I had several friends who liked frisbee as well, so we had lots of fun. Now I can live vicariously through this frisbee site, a place that features a really large collection of, you guessed it, ultimate frisbee videos. And if you're interested in taking your frisbee playing to a higher level, there's an online store where you can purchase super high quality frisbees. How serious are you? If you still have that frisbee from your junior high days, then maybe you should go visit this site.

Friday 13 August 2010 - Freelance Writers Club <--click for more

Do you consider yourself a fairly good writer? Do you have a handle on the basics of English grammar? Are you looking for a place to share content with other writers? Then you might want to take a look at the Freelance Writers Club. When you are looking at ways to drive traffic to your site, one of the obvious choices is well-written articles. You can write them yourself, or you can have someone else write them for you. And you want the articles to not only appear on your website but also at external sites with links going back to your website. That gives you higher search engine rankings with Google. This club was created to give freelance writers a place to share not only their work, but also ideas and information related to using articles as a way to drive traffic to websites. There is a lot of information here, and if you have any interest in getting more hits on your own site, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

Friday 13 August 2010 - Positive Thinking <--click for more

Do you know what positive thinking is? There's a book called The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. Controversial when it first came out, it later became a classic. Well, Monalle touts itself as the Positive Thinking Playground. It offers positive, uplifing, inspiring, and empowering multi-media materials delivered on a daily basis. If you want a good website on which to start your day, you might want to bookmark this one. You'll find cool new videos, games, and well-written articles on a variety of topics. There is a lot of material here, so you might feel overwhelmed on your first visit. But, that just goes to show how powerful this stuff can be. Enjoy!

Thursday 12 August 2010 - Resume Dictionary <--click for more

It's a terrible economy and even a worse job market out there right now. If you're having trouble getting your resume in shape, you need to get your resume writing in shape. You'll find no better place to do this than Resume Dictionary, which is a free online dictionary for resume writing. On this site, you'll find templates for creating your resume, a great set of power words you can use to make your resume sound terrific, and a whole lot of other resources. There's even a set of free resume samples and cover letters. Writing a resume these days is a whole lot different than 20 years ago when a typewriter and some ideas were all you needed. Now you need to differentiate your resume from all the others that a prospective employer is going to peruse. Sometimes, getting your resume noticed by the people who screen through thousands of them is the most important thing. This site gives you all the tips and tricks you need to know to give your resume a better shot at getting onto the desk of someone who makes the hiring decisions at a company. If you're out of work, visit this site immediately!

Thursday 12 August 2010 - Natural Testosterone Replacement! <--click for more

On my many visits to the inner realms of the Internet, I recently found an interesting website that teaches men how to increase testosterone levels naturally. The site owner, who suffered from low testosterone himself, recommends seven, over the counter libido supplements, that men should cycle on a daily basis. His theory is, that when you cycle a supplement and take it only one day per week, the product works much more effectively. On the other hand, if you use any supplement, day in and day out, you'll quickly build up a tolerance, and it will stop working entirely for you.

I haven't tried his cycling system myself, but I do have to say, it's sounds interesting, and the reviews on the website are extremely positive. For more information, follow the link below...


Thursday 12 August 2010 - Constant Quest for Shirts <--click for more

On my constant quest for personalized items of clothing, I ran across another website that does custom t-shirts. And let me tell you something. I am impressed. This company was started in 2006 by some classmates who shared a common thread of being in the same tennis club. They wanted to make some t-shirts for their club, but they couldn't find a local company to do the work at a decent price. So, one of them decided to start his own t-shirt printing company, focusing on print quality and good customer service. Their prices are extremely reasonable, and they offer free shipping if you're not in a hurry. You can also get rush shipping if you need it sooner. And one really nice thing is, you can design your shirt right online with their easy-to-use design lab. It's very cool, and you get a great idea of what the final result is going to look like. They're a California-based company with a telephone number and good customer service, and from what I've seen on the web, they do a quality job. They've been printing t-shirts and other items of clothing, such as sweatshirts and athletic pants, for four years now, so they must be doing something right. I'm impressed. Check out ooShirts for more information.

Wednesday 11 August 2010 - Magazine Subscriptions <--click for more

Someone said that magazines were dead. Long live magazines! I still read them. It's certainly easier to take a magazine into the restroom than your laptop, so if you think you can get all you want from your computer, you're plain wrong. I buy single issues of magazines that interest me and stick them in the magazine holder in the bathroom at home. But that gets expensive, so I've been thinking about getting a subscription to the magazines I really enjoy. I found this magazine subscriptions site online, and they've got quite a decent collection to choose from. And prices are reasonable, certainly a lot less than what you would pay for single issues. I'm thinking about subscribing to National Geographic Traveler. Nothing better than fantasizing about cool places to go while you're resting in the restroom...

Tuesday 10 August 2010 - Tshirts and Jerseys for Cheap <--click for more

Are you involved in any team sports or maybe just want a commemorative tshirt for an event that's coming up or an outing you are going to take with a bunch of people. Of course, you'll need to get a tshirt for that event, right? What better way to remember that day then a commemorative tshirt. There's a place called Cheap Jerseys that will make them for you. Give them a design, and they'll come up with a professional product in no time flat. They do jerseys, tshirts, hoodies, and more. Drop them an email or give them a ring for more information. Next time I plan a family trip to Disney World or Universal Studios, I'm definitely getting a family tshirt designed. What better way to easily keep track of your kids and guests when they all have the same cool tshirt on?

Tuesday 10 August 2010 - Making money on fiverr <--click for more

I ran across a site called Fiverr where people will do numerous things for five bucks. You know, things like install software for you, or mail a postcard to someone on your behalf, or take a picture from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Things like that. $5 doesn't sound like much, but enough of these $5 gigs can start adding up quickly. Especially if it only takes you a few minutes to perform each task. Imagine doing 10 of these tasks in an hour and making $50. Not bad, is it? Well, there's a book called How to make money on Fiverr that explains just how to do that. If you are looking at a quick way to make quick money, Fiverr is something you've got to check out, and this book will help you master all the techniques necessary to make it big on Fiverr. You'll learn such things as how to market yourself, how to drive traffic to your gig, and how to start getting upwards of a thousand orders a day for your services. Even if you only do 20 gigs a day, that's an extra $100 that you wouldn't otherwise have. Makes sense to me.

Monday 9 August 2010 - Heal, Nourish, Rejuvenate Your Skin <--click for more

My son has problem skin. He's suffered from all sorts of problems ever since he turned about 11. We've tried a bunch of things with him, but nothing seems to do the trick. It always gets me searching the Internet for the next best product. I think I might have actually found it this time. I came across a natural skin care product that looks very promising. It's called Moor Mask and is composed of 100 percent organic moor mud. You're probably wondering what moor mud is. So did I, but thankfully, the website has an ingredient list, and there are literally hundreds of things in it. I recognize many of the herbs from past purchases, but this product seems to have them all covered. If you have problem skin, it might just be worth a try.

Monday 9 August 2010 - Can you win at roulette? <--click for more

For the longest time, I've been experimenting with roulette systems. Things as simple as the martingale method (double your bet until you win or totally bust) to more complex systems. But I haven't found anything that really works in the long term. Goodness knows I've tried, as it looks like a puzzle with a solution, especially in this day of high-powered computers. I've been searching for information online, and so far, the most promising site I've found is Roulette Strategy That Works. I've got it bookmarked now, and I'm looking forward to studying it in more detail.

Sunday 8 August 2010 - Making Friends and Learning English <--click for more

There are plenty of dating sites and friend sites out there, but there doesn't appear to be a common thread that would bond people. But now, there's a site where just your love of the English language can help you find friends and perhaps even a love interest. Check out Learn English Online. This site really sounds like a good idea. What better way to make friends than find a common interest such as learning a language?

Friday 6 August 2010 - How About Some Photographs? <--click for more

When I was younger, I had dreams of being a professional photographer. I had the whole nine yards: a couple of Nikon bodies, several different lenses, a tripod, flash, special lighting, and even a whole darkroom setup. Remember back when we used to use chemicals to develop film and print photographs? Which brings me to my point. I was wandering around the Internet, as I often do, and I came across a rather nice photography website. It's called Matt Wier Photography and features some really good photos. And he has a Hasselblad! I've only dreamt of playing in large format... Check out his portraits and make sure you don't miss Boat girl Alexia Dox. She's got piercing blue eyes that Matt brings out very nicely in his photography.

Thursday 5 August 2010 - Most Stolen Car? <--click for more

It doesn't really surprise me that the Corvette is the most stolen car of 2010. After all, it's a nice looking car, and people probably like to be seen driving it. The exact model of Corvette that gets stolen most often is the Z06, which retails for around $41,000. If you'd like to see the other cars being stolen, check out This Web Site. It lists a total of 20 different vehicles and how much the insurance claims cost on them. At the bottom end is the Volvo S80. I suppose it's true that Volvo makes great cars, but as far as desirability, it's not as sexy as the Corvette, or even the Cadillac Escalade. The most interesting tidbit is the fact that the Ford F-250 truck made the list. A truck? According to the statistics, it's higher up the food chain than the Saturn VUE and Mini Cooper. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be seen in a Mini Cooper over a truck anytime.

Tuesday 03 August 2010 - Have You Tried VLC Player? <--click for more

I've used VLC Player on the Mac for quite some time. I didn't even know they had a version for Windows. Now that I have a Windows computer on my desktop, I decided to download it and give it a go. Same great interface! I can play all sorts of videos and music all from one easy interface. Also, it can work in server mode and stream stuff as well. How cool is that? If you want a clean, small app that can play a bunch of video and music formats, download vlc player now. It's a great little app, and I highly recommend it.

Monday 02 August 2010 - This Website Is A Changin... <--click for more

If you notice details, you'll probably notice that this website is going through some radical design changes. I hope to have everything stabilized shortly, but until then, it's going to keep changing, sometimes radically, sometimes slightly.

Saturday 31 July 2010 - Home Design Ideas <--click for more

I've been looking at ways to redo my bathroom. Right now, it's a complete mess, with a tub but no shower, and vanity that's slowing tilting to one side, etc. After doing a search, I found some Home Design Ideas that started my creative juices flowing. Check out Bathroom Decoration Ideas if you are also looking for some good ideas for doing something different with your bathroom.

Saturday 31 July 2010 - Rolex Watch? <--click for more

I can't afford a Rolex watch. I think they're really cool looking, and once I almost bought a replica watch when I was in Hawaii. But the quality was so poor, everyone would have known it was a fake. If you're looking for something that looks as good as the original, you should visit The quality looks really good, and they offer free shipping.

Saturday 31 July 2010 - Pop Art Portrait <--click for more

Check out Pop Art Portrait. I'm not an artist myself. At least not one with any talent. I suppose we are all artists. I've often thought it would be great to be able to give people a personalized gift of some kind for those special occasions. Once, I even thought of painting a modern masterpiece for each of my friends to give to them for Christmas. That was a monster of a bad idea. Instead, I should have gone to this place and had nice looking portraits done for them instead. This company will take any photo you give them and create a nicely designed painting of it. Had I know about this company before, I would have definitely taken advantage of this service. Actually, Christmas does come once a year, doesn't it?

Friday 30 July 2010 - New Blogging Software <--click for more

As you can probably tell, I've converted my blog to my new automagic system. I'm still tweaking things, and if I redesign the website, which I will probably do in short order, the blog will automagically convert to the new design. I'll just have to change two files and that's it.

Thursday 29 July 2010 - Build a Restaurant Website <--click for more

OK, I don't own a restaurant myself, but I used to own a coffee shop several years ago. I remember fighting over how to design the associated web site, but by the time I got all the details right, it was time to close up due to lack of business... That can happen to anyone. To prevent it from happening to you, you should take the time to build a decent web site for your restaurant, coffee shop, or other eatery. I found a great online tool for doing just that. If you'd like to check it out, visit Build your Restaurant's Web Site in a Minute. You can put up a restaurant web site in a matter of minutes by following some simple instructions. It's not that expensive, and you'll have a nice looking web site that you'd be proud to show potential customers.

Thursday 29 July 2010 - Tesla Motors Again... <--click for more

I've talked about Tesla before, and now that they've gone public, I've been wondering how they're doing. I ran across a blog posting at Armchair CEO discussing Tesla and how they are going to fail, and guess what? I think he's right. As much as I'd love to see the company flourish, I have a sinking feeling it's going to be the next DeLorean. The cars are sexy, and if I had the bucks, I'd be on the list to buy the sedan when it comes out, but unfortunately, I really don't think that sedan is going to see the light of day. Do you?

Wednesday 28 July 2010 - VOIP Solutions <--click for more

I've considered VOIP solutions for me personally, and my business secondarily. You can use "poor man's" VOIP if you go to Radio Shack and buy that MagicJack product, but I haven't heard really excellent reviews of it...

Tuesday 27 July 2010 - Trying To Diet <--click for more

I'm feeling fat. I know it sounds like something a woman would say, but hey, guys get fat, too. And they also feel it. When you're huffing and puffing after going up a single flight of stairs, you know you're out of shape and need to do something about it...

Monday 26 July 2010 - Redecorating Ideas? <--click for more

I have a friend in the U.K. He lives in Braintree, Essex. I suppose Essex is the county. I've never actually met him in person, but we've spoken on the phone, chatted, emailed, etc. I feel like I know him better than I know a lot of personal friends I've actually met...

Sunday 25 July 2010 - Best Products On Earth <--click for more

Maybe you need to buy a new product. Maybe you need to replace an old one. Wouldn't it be nice to know what other people thought of the thing you want to get?

Saturday 24 July 2010 - Classifieds Giant <--click for more

Finally, there is another good alternative available for putting up Free Classifieds I'm tired of Craiglist dominating the entire industry, and I welcome alternatives. The new place I just found is called ClassifiedsGiant. It works a lot like Craiglist. However, the main page is a bit flashier, and so far, there aren't a whole lot of Classifieds yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Right now, if you click on California, instead of drilling down to major cities, it just starts listing the classifieds...

Friday 23 July 2010 <--click for more

If you are looking for great deals, deep discounts, or even just for strange and interesting information, check out Best Offers On The Planet

Thursday 22 July 2010 <--click for more

How's this for a story: "Just a few short years ago, my life was a mess. Actually, it was a COMPLETE mess - the kind of mess not even a janitor could clean up. Every day I'd wake up scared to death to open my mailbox - you see, I was absolutely sure there were piles of bills stacked up that I just couldn't afford to pay...

Wednesday 21 July 2010 <--click for more

I've been working on a new website template system. Tentatively, it's called "AutoMagic", but I'm still working on the title...

Tuesday 20 July 2010 <--click for more

Are you struggling to get pregnant? Are you frustrated, or feeling angry for not being able to conceive despite all your efforts?

Monday 19 July 2010 <--click for more

Cool product alert! Have you really enjoyed a video you've watched on YouTube? Want to download it so you can share it with friends or watch it whenever you want?

Wednesday 14 July 2010 <--click for more

Looking for ways to improve yourself? Check out How To Set Goals...

Tuesday 13 July 2010 <--click for more

Ever thought of brewing your own beer? Make Your Own Beer is a web site that teaches you exactly that.

Monday 12 July 2010 <--click for more

Injustice is a funny thing. If someone has done you wrong, and you need to sue for damages, the only ones that are going to win are the lawyers...

Saturday 10 July 2010 <--click for more

If you suffer from acid reflex, you're in good company. There are millions of people all over the world that suffer from this disease. It's a constant feeling of heartburn that just won't go away, and antacid pills only mask the problem. Zantac and Pepcid seem to make it go away for a while, but they are temporary remedies...

Saturday 3 July 2010 <--click for more

I'm really peeved at Google. They are the biggest baby in the sandbox, so when you do something they don't like, they can throw a lot of sand in your face. And a lot of times, they simply don't play fair...

Friday 2 July 2010 <--click for more

I try to go to local restaurants whenever I can, instead of the chains that seem to be taking over just about everywhere...

Thursday 1 July 2010 <--click for more

Make $1 Million Per Month is a complete step-by-step system that's given to you for absolutely free. Within 180 days, you will be making $1 million per month. There is absolutely nothing else to buy from the folks who are giving this system away...

Wednesday 30 June 2010 <--click for more

Tesla Motors has priced its IPO at $17 per share, which means if it sells out, it will raise about $226 million. Not bad...

Thursday 24 June 2010 <--click for more

I've decided to put all of my income opportunity posts in one place. I'll still post about them here, but if you'd like to see all of them in one place, check out DeltaShaper...

Tuesday 22 June 2010 <--click for more

Tesla Motors is preparing an IPO. Which means they should raise a bunch of money. They have some really cool cars. They are all electric and some can go about 300 miles on a single charge. Not too shabby....

Monday 21 June 2010 <--click for more

Ah, welcome to the first day of summer. And it's going to be a sizzling one. I'm in the process of going over several Internet-based programs that are supposed to make you a lot of money. As I come across ones that look good, I'll post about them here...

Saturday 19 June 2010 <--click for more

Can you believe that the above piece of paper is worth over a million dollars? Well, the original of that piece of paper, not the jpg image above, just sold at auction for $1.2 million...

Friday 18 June 2010 - How to hack a website together quickly <--click for more

OK, so many people have asked me questions about how to set up an informational web site that I've written an article to cover that very subject. Well, maybe only one person asked me. Well, maybe that person just asked if I knew where he could get a bunch of free content for his website...

Anyway, I took the challenge and wrote the article, and you can find it HERE. It's a simple thing, really, and maybe it will inspire you to write your own content for your very own website.

Thursday 17 June 2010 - Igor Stravinsky <--click for more

Igor Stravinsky was born on this day in 1882. He was a Russian composer famous for such works as "The Rite of Spring" and "The Firebird". Part of the former was featured in Disney's Fantasia. It has been said that John Williams might have committed unintended plagiarism by lifting some of themes from "The Rite of Spring" to use in his Jaws soundtrack. I don't know if there is much credence to the accusation, but there it is.

Although he was born in Russia, Stravinsky became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1946, taking up residence in Los Angeles, California. There, he conducted concerts with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at times. During the 1960s he became mentor to Warren Zevon, famous for such tunes as "Werewolves of London".

Tuesday 15 June 2010 - Helen Hunt <--click for more

Helen Hunt was born on this day in 1963. Probably best known for her role in the sitcom "Mad About You", she has also appeared in many motion pictures, including Twister and As Good As It Gets, for which she was an Oscar for best actress...

She also directs movies such as Then She Found Me. And did you know that one of her first roles was as Murray Slaughter's daughter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show?

Saturday 12 June 2010 - Anne Frank <--click for more

Anne Frank was born on this day in 1929. Had she survived the Holocaust, she would be 81 today. Frank's story is fairly well known. She and almost her entire family died in a concentration camp during World War II...

She kept a diary that became world-famous, The Diary of a Young Girl. It has been translated into many languages and was also made into a major motion picture. The diary chronicles her life from June 12, 1942 to August 1, 1944. The exact date of her death is not known, but it was in March 1945.

Friday 11 June 2010 - World Cup <--click for more

The World Cup is currently going on. I'm not a big fan of soccer, but I know that it is one of the most popular sports in the world, perhaps the most popular. For those of you who are not familiar with the game, there are two teams, and they take turns kicking a ball across a grassy field. The team who gets the ball into the goal on the opposing side gets a point...

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. You are not allowed to use your hands unless you are the goalie, the person who is protecting the goal from the opposing team. It's fairly simply, but it hasn't caught on here in the United States. Some say it's because there's no easy way to insert commercials into the game, as it is not designed to be played with lots of breaks in the action. Well, in any case, there are a lot of teams playing. After all, it's a big world.

Tuesday 8 June 2010 - Frank Lloyd Wright <--click for more

Today is Frank Lloyd Wright's birthday. He is probably know best as being the father of John Lloyd Wright, the inventor of Lincoln Logs. OK, maybe I'm being facetious, but I'm not really a big fan of Frank's architecture style, so I was trying to find something nice to say about him.

Saturday 5 June 2010 - Simplify English? <--click for more

Should we simplify words in the English language? That was the thought that drew a bunch of protesters to the annual Scripps Spelling Bee. You can see an article about it HERE...

There are some people who would rather spell the word enough as enuf and the word fruit as froot. We've got mega gallons of oil spewing into the gulf right now, but this is the type of protest some people want to draw attention to. I'm not the greatest writer in the world, but I do love the English language for its quirkiness. If you can remember, a few years back, they tried to create a universal language called Esperanto that would make it easy to learn and easy to understand. And it took off like a plane grounded by a lightning storm. If we're going to simplify English, why stop at spelling? What about capitalization? How about punctuation? Let's give ebonics another try, shall we?

Friday 4 June 2010 - Eminent Domain Abuse? <--click for more

Instead of seizing 2.2 acres of land from a dairy farmer in order to expand and modernize a border station at the U.S.-Canada border, the federal government has instead decided to simply close the station...

Originally, the government wanted to take the entire 10 acre farm, warning the owner that he'd better sell it for $39,500 or else the doctrine of eminent domain would be used to simply seize the land. It was not a popular plan, and the government got absolutely no support from the locals. On top of that, the border station was idle most of the time, so making any improvements to it or spending any money on it was senseless. Score one for the little guy...

Saturday 29 May 2010 - Danny Elfman <--click for more

Danny Elfman was born on this day back in 1953. He formed the band Oingo Boingo back in the 1970s and then went on to compose music for movies. Some of his scores sounded pretty conventional, such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Midnight Run.

But then you started to hear his unmistakable style in such films as Batman and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I am looking forward to hearing what he did for The Green Hornet, which should be out in theaters in 2011.

Friday 28 May 2010 - Chuck E. Cheese <--click for more

Is it me or are advertisements on web sites a lot more personalized these days? Case in point is all the Chuck E. Cheese advertisements I've been seeing. OK, I had a birthday party for my daughter there earlier this month, so I made reservations online and got confirmations sent to my email address. And now, I've been seeing advertisements for this place everywhere. I don't remember ever seeing them before. Kind of eerie. They are even showing up on sites that aren't affiliated with, or maybe they are and I just don't know about it. In any case, I've seen this trend with other "coincidences" as well. So, I'm guessing that either cookies or some other technique is being used to put very personalized ads in front of me. Just me, not anyone else on the Internet.

Thursday 27 May 2010 - Songs for Soldiers <--click for more

Paris Hilton is in the news today with her new Songs for Soldiers program. It appears that the program was started earlier this year by actor Tom Wiggin. Paris recently signed on to promote the program and will party with over a hundred U.S. sailors during New York's Fleet Week...

The Songs for Soldiers program aims to give all the 180,000 or so American troops stationed abroad a free mp3 player, pre-loaded with music donated by famous artists. Sounds like a worthwhile program, and I approve.

Wednesday 26 May 2010 - H-bomb <--click for more

On this day in 1946, a patent was filed in the United States for a H-bomb. Does this mean that you can walk into the patent office and request those documents and see for yourself how one is made?

Now that North Korea has cut ties with South Korea, maybe the patent office should be extra careful about who they gives copies of the plans to...

Tuesday 18 May 2010 - Katharine Hepburn <--click for more

Katharine Hepburn has her own US postal stamp now. A longtime fixture in motion pictures, her image can now be affixed to a one ounce domestic letter. Here's to you, Kate the Great...

Thursday 13 May 2010 - Bring Out Your Dead <--click for more

If you have a morbid curiousity and want to see who the latest people to pass are, visit Deaths in 2010. It's a wikipedia site and will list all the famous and not so famous people who have died this year, in reverse chronological order.

Thursday 13 May 2010 - Music for Free? <--click for more

Want some mp3 music for free? Amazon is giving some away. It's a sample of 15 complete songs in a genre called "sub pop", which I've never heard of myself, but you can preview the songs and see if they are worth downloading. You can't beat the price.

Thursday 13 May 2010 - Sheet Music 411 <--click for more

After a long hiatus, I've decided to resurrect my old site, SheetMusic411 web site. It's been offline for quite some time, but I figured, there's always room for one more free sheet music web site. There's not much there right now, but I'll keep it updated with new picks as often as I can.

Thursday 13 May 2010 - Lena Horne RIP <--click for more

Lena Horne recently passed. I've been told she was a great lady. I don't know much about her, except what I read in Wikipedia. There was one fact that got to me. Although she appeared in numerous films in the 40s, there was a possibility that her scenes would be edited out if the picture was shown in a state where black performers could not appear...

So, most of her scenes were standalone and didn't involve other cast members, because they could not be integral with the plot of the picture. Wow. I'm glad it's not like that anymore.

Monday 10 May 2010 - SlickDeals <--click for more

If you're looking for good deals, might just be the perfect place to go. Deals are added daily, and are mostly geared towards those of us looking for technology items. But you never know what you'll find. It's kind of like a box of chocolates...

Saturday 8 May 2010 - Lenovo Ideapad <--click for more

My trusty old iBook is on its last legs. It's gone through several batteries, and I just put a new keyboard on it. But it's tired and feels like it really wants to be pushing up the daisies right about now. I've been thinking of what I would replace it with, and after doing a bit of research, I found the Lenovo IdeaPad netbook.

It's one of the few 12" netbooks out there. Netbooks are superlight, and this one's battery lasts around 6 hours, which would be great. It doesn't have a built-in DVD drive, but I haven't used one in years, so it really wouldn't bother me. I could run either Windows XP or Mac OS on it. You heard right. There are people who have figured out how to get OS X running on standard off the shelf hardware. One of the bigger movements is called Hackintosh. I'm seriously thinking about something like this.

Friday 7 May 2010 - Free Speech? <--click for more

Interesting: This story talks about a school in San Francisco where students were told they could not wear t-shirts bearing an image of the United States flag on Cinco de Mayo day. The t-shirts were considered offensive. Huh? Isn't this the United States? Why would wearing a patriotic t-shirt be offensive? And when did Cinco de Mayo become a United States holiday?

Thursday 6 May 2010 - MyWorldPlus <--click for more

And now from some good news. That program I wrote about yesterday, MyWorldPlus, has just given me my first downline member! I really don't know what it means it the grand scheme of things, but I'm hoping it means that it will generate some bucks my way. I've gotten about 879 pre-enrollees, which to mean seems like a lot, but of all of those, only one decided to join the program so far. Maybe in the next few days, that will change. We'll see.

Thursday 6 May 2010 - Cell Ranger <--click for more

A few months ago, my family decided to embark on a great telephone experiment. We would give up our landline and do cell phones exclusively. So, now we have five cell phones, two for my wife and I, and three more for our oldest sons. The phones work great as long as you are not in our house...

There, the reception goes from one bar to no signal at all. To remedy this situation, I have been searching for solutions, and I found an interesting one the other day. It's called The Cell Ranger Cell Booster. You basically plug this antenna into any USB port on any computer in your house, and it boosts the cell signal so you get better reception. It doesn't require the computer to do anything except provide the power, so I suppose you could even just find a USB to AC power adapter and plug it into any outlet and it would work just as well. Simple enough. So, I'm seriously thinking of ordering it, as I'm getting moans and groans about having to go near the window in the dining room in order to make a call or even receive one. People just don't know how good they have it. Back when my great great great grandfather was a kid, they didn't even have cell phones! They probably didn't even have regular phones. So, stop whining everyone!

Thursday 6 May 2010 - Compact Fluorescent <--click for more

I had to go shopping for a specific type of light bulb last night. It was a compact fluorescent bulb, 18 watts, 4 pin plug in. Shouldn't be too hard to find, right? I went to Lowe's and checked their shelf. No luck, so I called for a customer service person. He showed up about 5 minutes later, looked at my dead bulb, looked at what was on the shelf, and said, sorry, they didn't carry it. Maybe I should try the "other" big box hardware store. So, I went to Home Depot and the same thing happened there. Unbelievable. So, now I have no light in the kitchen, and nothing I can do until I can find a replacement bulb. Don't you love it when things like that happen?

Thursday 6 May 2010 - MyWorldPlus <--click for more

OK, I've just joined an interesting program. It's called MyWorldPlus, and it's a program that can make you a lot of money, at least that's what I've been told. The first thing it gives you is lots of discounts at local retailers, so you can quickly make your membership pay for itself and then give you savings over that...

Then, if you sign up people below you, you can make money from them and anyone that signs up below them. I know it sounds like a pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing thing, and maybe that's what it is, but just the savings you get by being a member seems to be reason enough to try it out. And if it doesn't work the way you think it will work for you, you can cancel anytime. Check it out!

Wednesday 5 May 2010 - Cinco de Mayo <--click for more

Why Cinco de Mayo? It commemorates the Battle of Puebla, fought on May 5, 1862, pitting the Mexican army against the French. So, why exactly do we celebrate it here in the United States? It's not even a big deal in Mexico. I wonder how much Corona is sold...

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