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Welcome to my view on things of this world. This is where I get to write what I want, when I want, about things that interest me. Expect me to ramble from topic to topic, because that's what I'm going to do. If you like what you see, feel free to bookmark this site. I'll try my best to keep it fresh and updated frequently.

Happy Santa Lucia Day! <--click for more

According to legend, once upon a time, a long time ago in Sweden, there once was a beautiful girl. Her name was Lucia and she had the most beautiful eyes. She was also a Christian, and there was a pagan man who fell in love with her. He wanted to marry her, but she said she wouldn't unless he too became a Christian. He refused and had her denounced as a Christian. She was imprisoned, and the guards gouged out her eyes and then killed her.

Every year, on December 13th, girls in Sweden dress up as Lucia (put a wreath of candles on their head and wear a white gown) and go around giving lucia rolls to all the neighbors. Kind of sweet, in more ways than one.

No entries for October? <--click for more

What? No entries for October? How could that happen? Well, it's just been really busy, so I didn't have much of a change to get anything together. And I really don't have anything together right now.

I do have one piece of advice that might make a difference in someone's life, especially if they don't already have a home alarm system. I read this on someone else's web site (can't remember where) and thought it important enough to share with all of my readers. If you don't have a home alarm system, but you do have a vehicle with a panic button lock thingie on your keyring, keep that keyring on your bedside table. If you hear any strange noises, like someone trying to break into your home, hit the panic button on the keyring. That will send a blaring noise from your driveway or garage and hopefully scare away anyone who wants to do you ill. Sounded like good advice, so I'm sharing it here. Hopefully, you'll never have to use it, but if you run into one of those situations, maybe it will prevent something bad from happening.

If I had the money <--click for more

If I had the money, I think that someone is finally coming out with a phone worth buying. If you haven't already done so, check out the new G1 phone by T-Mobile. It's the first Android-powered phone, and in case you don't know what Android is, click here. One has to wonder how long Google has had that name registered or how much they paid for it.

Don LaFontaine <--click for more

Sadly, Don LaFontaine, the voice of thousands of movie trailers, passed away. There is probably no one in the world that hasn't heard his voice, usually saying something like "In a world where...", but almost no one knows what he looks like.

Sacramento Weather <--click for more

The weather in the Sacramento area has been blissfully decent for this part of June, and I am very appreciative. Last year, and years before, we had scorching hot Mays and Junes. I am hoping it won't repeat this year.

A new phone, even better than the iPhone was just introduced today. But before you go out and try to buy it, be warned that it won't be in stores until July. The phone supports the 3G high-speed data network, is half the price of existing iPhones, and supports all those fancy business-related niceties that people want, such as the ability to talk to Microsoft Exchange servers. If I had a few coins to spare, I might consider one, but I'm not that much of a cell phone junkie. I like that it has the ability to browse the web, play music, and tell you where you are and how to get to where you want to go, but until I have lots of disposable income, I'll just have to wait on it. And by the way, the phone is... the new iPhone from Apple.

153 <--click for more

The number 153 has come back to me again. It's a very strange relationship I have with this number. It started way back in 1996 or maybe 1997 when I lived in Port Townsend, Washington. I can't remember the exact details, but I believe either my storage unit, or the keyless entry to the storage area was 153. I remember it being a significant number from the Bible, so I remarked to the owner of the storage facility that I thought it interesting that I received 153. She thought I was nuts. OK, maybe I was. I didn't even know what made it significant. It wasn't until later that I found out it was the number of fish caught after the resurrection of Jesus (John 21:11). There are also supposed to be some other interesting facts about 153, but the only one I can come up with right now is, the first 17 numbers are supposed to add up to 153. Interesting.

So, what do I mean when the number 153 has come back to me again? I was browsing the Internet and found out that there is someone out there who knows exactly when the world will end. First, we'll have a time of tribulation beginning on May 21, 2011. Then, after exactly 5 months, the world will cease to exist on October 21, 2011. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this prediction. However, it is interesting to note that those two dates are separated by exactly 153 days. Well, any 5 consecutive months that don't include February would also be separated by exactly 153 days.

Wonder about the photo above? I was looking on Google for some interesting photo related to the number 153, and I found this one. It's from a public domain photo site which I thought was pretty nice. It's the shoreline somewhere in Ireland. The only real relation the photo has to the number 153 is that 153 was part of the filename given to the image.

Marine Boy <--click for more

When I was a boy living in 1960s Berkeley, I used to watch a lot of television. We had cable, which was a new-fangled idea at the time. It meant we got not just local stations, but some far away stations like ones in Sacramento. Imagine that! One of my favorite shows at the time was Marine Boy. It was about a boy who lived underwater and had a super cool boomerang he used as a weapon. I remember trying to make my own boomerang out of cardboard. It would never fly right and certainly wouldn't come back to me. But it was fun nonetheless. My other favorite shows at the time were Star Trek, Gilligan's Island, Kimba, Ultraman, and Speed Racer. They're making a Speed Racer movie now. Wonder how it will be...

Ideally <--click for more

Here is what is likely to be my only entry for the month of January. I just recently found out that the US Government is going to make incandescent light bulbs a thing of the past in a few years. All you'll be able to get are those fluorescent bulbs and whatever other new-fangled things they come out with. Now, I am not averse to progress, but there has got to be a better solution to the energy problem than polluting everyone with that nasty fluoride light. First, they put fluoride in toothpaste. Then, it went into our water supply. Now they're going to force it into our light. Hmm. Conspiracy theories anyone? Stockpile those incandescent bulbs while you still have a chance. They might sell very well on ebay in a few years.

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